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GoodWill Pays Disabled as Little as 22 (Twenty Two) Cents an Hour

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Exploiting loophole in 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act. GoodWill's CEO, millionaire Jim Gibbons is definitely not ashamed. He told NBC:

“It's typically not about their livelihood. It's about their fulfillment. It's about being a part of something. And it's probably a small part of their overall program.”

And with this little thought Jim Gibbons is able to sleep at night, feeling real good about himself. There is a lampost somewhere for Jim Gibbons.

By Steven Hsieh, via Alternet


Submitted by cg.eye on

What was their crime?

And, why didn't the ADA Act not correct this?

Why wouldn't this charity (that's why donations are deductible?) correct this problem? Because, to them, paying sweatshop wages, for items they shunt off to overseas sweatshops for processing, if they believe them to be sub-US store quality, is their business model.

Also -- they trumpet how they help disabled adults gain independence. How the fuck do they do that with a daily wage that can't buy them a meal, in any US city I know of?

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So to speak. I wonder whether Obama's Department of Labor and DOJ's Civil Rights Unit will take an interest here. God knows it looks like a case file delivered with all necessary facts already uncovered and organized.