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Goodnight Sun

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does it ever strike you as funny
in a not so funny way
that those who protest science
believe that magic holds the day?
that somewhere in the distant past
a god who looked like man
made the world and all that's in it
from one great master plan?

these elder tales bode sorry woe
the dogma suffocates
the very deities who ruled
ruled themselves by ancient faiths
and though these gods are jealous
and capable of fury
there is no body for the courts
nothing to show the jury
it's not enough to question faith
or turn off in disgust
the challenge is to name the beast
and free it from our trust

what will slay the ancient myths
what will make them vanish
will not come from atheists
but from creativity that's banished
the followers of Iron Age
gods and all they wrought
have forged a too strait-jacket
and placed it on their god
they have declared its very form
its lineaments and power
on the outside of nature it was put
where it can sit and glower

it's said man must be redeemed to live
in heaven everlasting
while hell is filled with awful beasts
all straight from central casting
"a bad guy and a good guy fight
and the school marm is in trouble!"
it's religion for the nursery set
with the depth of a popped bubble
the legacy of history
so filled with charm and wit
is also filled with misery
and all kinds of awful shit
and what gave hope and gleaming light
to all so doomed to die
were pretty little stories
filled with fantasy and lies

but where does all this leave a soul
who seeks to see beyond
the mere outward appearances
those who hear a siren song?
let go of everything you can
and trust the universe
do not proscribe the ineffable
let it sing its mystic verse
everything that is once wasn't
and someday will not be
this includes the tales of old
and all the verities


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Whenever I feel the tendrils of Disneyesque magical thinking that opens the door to irrational wonder or despair, I think of the Circle of Life.

That is, the life cycle of a liver fluke intersecting Neil Bu$h's in the finest sushi bar he can find.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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... the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you.