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Goodnight, moon

One of the great things about Philly is the food carts--seemingly on every other street corner in Philly there's a pressed-steel-sided cart with an immigrant sweltering behind a grill, serving up ... Well, I only get the hot dogs. (And sometimes some of that coffee that's mostly milk with eight or ten tablespoons of sugar).

So, tonight, far away from Philly, I tried to replicate the food cart experience--not the sweltering part, but the hot dog part.

Pretty nice, sitting out in the driveway cooking charring hot dogs over the charcoal grill and wiping my fingers on the Times.

Still, I gotta tell Teresa that putting the sweet relish in a squeeze bottle wasn't the best idea ever--I want relish, dammmit, not relish and green pickling fluid!

And the cart guys really have the right idea on the hot dog buns--I don't know what possessed me to get whole wheat hot dog buns.

But a nice meal, as the sun went down.

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