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Goodnight, moon

Well, tomorrow is the big day! I take the bus down to Boston, and then Amtrak down to New York, and then make my way to somewhere in Brooklyn via the subway. (Airbnb raises some issues in political economy, but I have to say it's worked well for me so far, and more to the point, saved me money, on this trip and others.) Then to Occupy Data on Friday, and then to Chinatown to have dinner with some of you! (The signup post is still sticky, and it's hard to imagine the restaurant won't take more reservations).

(Short break, polemicizing on "You'll regret this" and general Obot thuggery and "It was the other guy" blame-shifting.)

February in Maine is always tough, and this one's been especially tough, as I think people can see from my wildly fluctuating posting! So this trip has been something to look forward to, for me. Pretty soon, I'm going to pretend I live in a city again, by sitting in the South Station concourse and having a latte, people watching, and maybe even buying a book; South Station has a very nice little bookstore, not all "best sellers" and a vacuous "business" section. And then I'll take the Northeast Regional down the coast -- I like the seats a lot better than the Acela's, it's almost as fast, and it's cheaper -- and arrive in "the city," Manhattan (though my friends from Bangkok rather turn up their noses at it: Too small, they say).

I don't know what Occupy Data is going to be like, on the level of subject matter, things to do, or group dynamics. (Being an INTJ, it's entirely possible I won't fit in....) But with the maps and the timelines I've made, I have to think there's some sort of connection to be made; and some Occupy sites use Drupal, though not at Corrente's scale.

Basically, it's going to be good to get out of the house. Everything else is a bonus!

NOTE For some nutty reason, Yahoo limited my account with the dreaded error SLN3406: "Account temporarily blocked from sending messages." I can read, but not send. So I will send all messages from here!

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