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Goodnight, moon

So, I stayed inside all day and blogged and did some programming, while the snow blew and the wind... Well, it didn't really howl, the wind. In fact, the storm just wasn't that bad, up here. And it's going up to 35° on Monday, then 38° on Tuesday. So, it's almost spring, isn't it?

The only exciting event: I finally found my glasses. You know how it is: "I put them down somewhere." Well, the somewhere turned out to be nowhere I usually put them down, and of course, without them, I couldn't see well enough to find them. So this morning while brushing my teeth, I saw the temples projecting from behind a drift of books in the bathroom. I can't imagine why I put them there, but I certainly must have! So now at least I can see at far and medium distances, although having found them, I am reminded why I wanted to buy new ones (cloudy lenses).

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