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Goodnight, moon

Sorry for the brief outage, there; just a little bit of server randomness.

Missed exercise this morning, but not because of the snow, which hadn't begun then. No, I overslept.

I'm actually happy about that, though I'd prefer not to make a habit of it! For one thing, it means that via a combination of browbeating the other unit, moving my mattress away from the noise that they do make, turning an old TV set to a dead channel for very loud white noise, and an electric blanket, I've actually created a situation where I can possibly get a good night's sleep every so often.

Huzzah! Being awakened by noise is a real hot button for me -- one reason, I should think, I was never fitted to be a parent -- and when I get two nights with poor sleep I become extremely cranky and liable to fly off the handle. And for the past six months or so, I've had very poor sleep.

So, shortly I need to take the advice on shoes to heart, and go get some....

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