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Goodbye Cruel World: In Which CD Bows Out of the Wars

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Inspired by the lovely responses in this post, I've made up my mind after much discussion, thought and sleep on it. I'm done. I'm not going to write or comment on the Democratic candidates anymore, not until there is a real need. Right now, there's too much poo-throwing, I'm tired of it and it's ruining all the good blog parties. I am afraid of my email boxes, I can't speak frankly in mixed librul company, and I'm bored. So go ahead: fight it out, pick one, tell me when it's time to be Unified. There are plenty of other stories that matter that are happening, right now. If blogs ever had a job, it is to cover that which affects us all, but the SCLM ignores. The next Dem prez will be in a world of hurt, so I won't wish it on either of them even as I'll vote for whomever I'm told is the nom. Who else is with me?

Yes, I'll likely get sucked into a comment here or there on other threads. But I'm not going to start them, and if I go back on my pledge throw this post in my face. But "the process" is frelled, it makes no sense and applying "logic" to it is a lost cause. Unfair is what we've got, and if I have to talk about things that suck and are unfair, they will be of my choosing. So...

A Citizen had some suggestions. After I get done with today's woodworking, I'll sift thru the dross that is my unread email and see if there is something I've missed this weekend, while I did a lot of yoga and water therapy instead of chasing gotcha quotes in the Village games. People are losing friends over this bullshit, and it's sort of sad. Doing republicans work for them is silly, imho. Why give them free oppo and hamstring your movement at the same time?

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Been there and (not doing) that for awhile now. The primary is long (well, almost two weeks) over with in my state and that was my chance to say my piece on the matter.

Way, way back in the mid-to-late Jurassic of, oh, three months ago--remember that? When the debates had ten people up on the stage, and Dodd and Biden were lucky if they got 3 minutes face-time each, Gravel could have brought in a La-Z-Boy and just caught a nap, and Edwards sunny smile was clearly powered by the steam coming out his ears?--our motto was "DAMN! What a great field we have, there's not a one on that stage that I wouldn't be proud to support and vote for!"

I liked those days. These last few weeks have been ridiculous. People like who they like, damn if I'm gonna try to talk any of them out of their likings any more. Somebody will win...until then, and for some time after, I'd just as soon focus on the shortcomings of the opposition.

(I was gonna say "Until then I'll be off sleeping with CD" but feared that might be misconscrewed.)

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If you can do it, I can do it.

I say I can't stand it anymore but I keep checking.
Then I get angry and scream. And swear I will stop checking.

Then I get revengeful and swear I am going to sell my house, move to the mountains, build an armed compound and never speak to another soul again, except children and parents.

Then I think about moving to France.

Right now I have decided to use all my energy to redecorate my house before I sell it and that will take longer than the this primary.

All this craziness for what? I live in Florida and my vote doesn't even count!

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Not that I'm glad that DU and DailyKos have largely turned to shit (or that people are sending disapproving e-mails en route to the fainting couch), but recent developments include:

* Obama increasing his focus on substance (is that a bad thing?)
* Hillary reminding voters that the Conservative Movement is an enemy of the state that we daren't "give aid and comfort" (now, even if you find "shaming" Obama "divisive," is complaining that he's too much like a Republican going to going to hurt him with those precious indie voters and repentant Reagan Democrats?)
* Both candidates fighting for bona fides on supporting Universal Healthcare and reforming NAFTA (are those bad things?)

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...i.e. the Empire.

I hear you, cd.

Neither Hilbama (or Obinton) has said a word about ending the War of Evermore. Or even closing a few bases. So I'll vote for whichever ego has the thorny crown after all the dust settles, and try to keep pointing out who the real Enemy is that still wears the Ring of Power.

We can keep slamming the Double Talk express. There's so much you can say about McCain, and he's far worse than any Democrat. Or any DINOcrat, with the possible exception of that Mouth of Sauron known as Joe Lieberman.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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Greenwald has a new post up on how Obama is handling the flag-pin-pledge-hand-over-heart current media theme. I find the post interesting. I'm willing to read it. I will go no where near the comments. I think vasleft has a point; in Obama's response to the media criticism Obama includes, A party that presided over a war [...] are undermining our Constitution with warrantless wiretaps that are unnecessary. A month or so ago, I would not have expected him to include that element. So, the pressure from the bolgoshpere has produced positive results. And, as long as there is more than one candidate in the race, I think blogs can continue to apply that pressure.

Having said that, this reader is too wrung out to deal with the comments such posts produce. I used to read them, but have decided my own energy (and, time) is better directed elsewhere. Ergo, I can certainly understand why various bloggers would decide the whole competition is too emotionally draining, never mind the annoyance of having to moderate, or respond to, immoderate comments.

I think it's a good strategy (actually) for those bloggers who have had more than enough to step back and regroup/recharge until the nomination has been made. I imagine a high energy demand for mending fences, salving bruised egos, and (re)energizing voters as we go into the general. As committed as the two remaining camps continue to be, first aid stations will be a necessity by August.

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I stopped essential commentary here for awhile for precisely the same reason.

I'm not thrilled by the two Democratic Realpolitikers currently battling it out, but I'll surely vote for the winner next fall. Meanwhile, there's seemingly plenty of worthies running for Congress, which is where, if anywhere, power will change. Let's help each other become aware of them, and support their efforts.

Hillary or Barry, neither will (I truly believe) nominate the kind of cynical traitors who've recently come to occupy SCOTUS chairs. If only for that, I'll vote for them.

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"but I’ll surely vote for the winner next fall."
I guess you'll be up for that exciting 2009 generals.

By the way, has anyone ever written a book on the exact proper use of "this weekend" "next weekend" "the coming weekend" "the weekend after next"

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... is what the doctor thinks I might have.

And no wonder.

And if dietary changes and walks don't solve the problem, then, absent universal health care, there's not a whole lot I'm going to be able to do.

Clarity is always nice. Except when it's not.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Eat salmon twice a week. Eat less red meat. If you're going to use cooking oil get yourself some 100% virgin cold pressed olive oil. No butter, no margarine, corn or soybean oil. Eat more fruits and vegetables, less starches and junk food. If you're gonna drink have red wine. Pinot Evil is a good cheap pinot noir.

If you drink coffee switch to green tea. It's cheaper and it won't raise your blood pressure nearly as much.

Find yourself a competitive sport and people to play it with. Try to imagine they are all me, or Obama and give it your best shot at kicking their asses. Games make exercise more fun.

Find yourself a candidate and walk precincts for her or him this summer. Beats walking just to walk.

Most importantly try to find things that make you happy instead of things that piss you off.

You're gonna live thru both of Obama's terms if I have to give you mouth to mouth so I can tell you I told you so motherfucker. If his handing the keys to the WH to Edwards in 68 years doesn't kill you that probably will but at least you'll die happy.

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But meditating on the face of Sat Guru Dev Barack Obama will help even more!

Seriously, Lambert, Dyazide is still the best for low to moderate high blood pressure and it's both safe and cheap.

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voodoo- i'm sorry but there's just no point. and, a lot of what is being said just makes it worse. so i'm done. you'll have to read some of the stronger of stomach, there are still plenty of bloggers with a clear head and sober mind when it comes to the hilbama/obinton wars. i just can't be one anymore, i'm sorry.

intra: you pedant, i should send a zucchini your way. i should've said, "this past weekend," or "the weekend that just ended." i just finished enjoying a nice, surprise vacation during which i unplugged. it felt good and i came back with a clear head about what i, just me, must now do. let all be free to do as they will.

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although that's really more about punctuation; I hear it has a fair bit about grammar as well and is a tad more digestible (if one likes shoots and leaves that is) than yer Strunk & Whites. :)

I love grammar critics, they bring us back to the real world.

Personally I used "next" to mean "the one immediately upcoming, as in "Next Saturday, Mar. 1; in the event of rain will be rescheduled to the week after, Mar. 7."

Or ask me the fornight inst. and I'll probably say something different. Comes of frequently being confused about what century I'm living in.

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CD, I was responding to pookapooka who said, "I’m not thrilled by the two Democratic Realpolitikers currently battling it out, but I’ll surely vote for the winner next fall."

Which struck me as funny to vote for the winner next year. I promise I'm not a grammar critic, but I have had long fights over this "next saturday". It just isn't right to me, but I suppose technically, when used in the sense of "when I see you next" or "the next time", even "next month" is pretty clear. (day,month, hour are bad examples because you are always in a "this month" unlike summer or Tuesday. So next month is clear)

For instance if it was Thursday and you said, "we should go fishing next weekend", you might assume that means in 8 days, not tomorrow.

But I think it should be required to use "coming" in the general usage, such as "next fall we elect a President" should be "this coming fall". And I guess that is my issue. If I say "this fall" there is only one meaning of that. Last, This, Next. So I think the same goes for Saturdays and weekends. "This Friday" is at most 6 days away. "Next Friday" should therefore always be 7-13 days away.

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And as Democrats we have to do it ourselves; if we were Republicans, we could afford to hire surrogates to do it for us.

Stinky business, human interaction, and aromatherapy is an all-encompassing concept; one being's excrement is another being's snack.

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Nah, you don't want Eats, Shoots and Leaves. You want The New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and Usage or Garner's Modern American Usage or, if you really want to slingshot around the sun in the pedantry dept., the Granddaddy of 'em all, Fowler.

Submitted by lambert on

Strunk and White.

Or any of the wonderful works Joe Bourgeois mentions.

Eats, Shoots is great, but I wouldn't keep it in my reference section.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Sorry, didn't finish the comment --

Hope you aren't first in line when the maitre d' is ready to seat you. You'll never get to eat that delicious restaurant food. Unless he calls out "This! This!" of course.

IN, you stick to your grammar and I'll stick to mine. And since I'm feeling ornery right now, I'll add, keep your desire to tell me where to stick mine to yourself. Bless your heart.

there, now, I feel a bit less ornery.

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Submitted by A. Citizen on

..., at least by I and my blogmates, blog.

I say: Do what you have to do to stay healthy and productive. As my posts show there are many things under the sun which are worthy of discussion and promotion besides poo-flinging and those that love it.

Watch for my upcoming post:

Three Things Progressives Need to Work Towards.

The 'movement' needs a giant injection of principle to grow from where we are now.

Cultism and 'politics as usual' do not offer progressive solutions to our society's problems. In fact, they don't offer any solutions whatsoever; only more problems and should, therefore, be shunned.

A. Citizen

Peace, Health and Prosperity for Everyone.

Have fun in the garden CD!

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I've avoided the arguments and kept my opinions to myself for the most part. Not that I don't care, but I'll let others hash out the minutiae and I'll stick to wine blogging.

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and add a baby aspirin a day (right before bedtime if you don't have gastric reflux) to the rest of your regimen.

also, if you don't have one yet, get a cat.

and a dog if you can find a peaceable set.

the cat will comfort you, and while you pet it and it purrs, your hypertension will be reduced (this I saw in Science News last week, but I've known it for YEARS -- and a cat and a string is the cheapest therapy on the planet).

the dog will encourage you to exercise.

Submitted by lambert on

It's a lovely suggestion, and it didn't occur to me. More life is good. And I love cats.

I don't really have space for a dog -- I'm going to contract to a two-room plus bath unit. I would have room for a cat -- my concern, besides cat hair getting into the computers, is the cat's box. As I turn into a recluse, the last thing I want to do is live in a place that stinks of cat. This may sound harsh, but can I put the box outside in the garage?

It may be that when the spring comes, I can leave out a dish of milk... My mother acquired a wonderful cat that way.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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or on the back porch ... or you could train your cat, as many do their dogs, to let you know to let the cat in/out as needed. You could even train the cat to use a toilet. That's a matter of invested time, basically, and your intrepidity.

Don't wait for spring. Go to your local shelter and rescue.
Get a box-trained adult! (If you get a 'senior cat' you'll not only be saving a life, you'll have a much wider choice).

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ahem, if we're going to chat up readin n writin books, i feel compelled, strangely and without any sense of love whatsoever, to violate while also venerating The Manual. feel the leather, and the whispers of the long, dark halls...

...sorry, you had to be there.