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Submitted by Sarah on

email me before you shut down completely.
I have learned much from reading you and I would like to learn more.
thank you.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

/bitchy princess/

what is this, the center podium at your favorite club? i just love "Goodbye, Cruel World!" posts, with no explanation, links or detail. they are so...drama queen/King! and in no way self-concerned! perhaps this one is better titled, "cancel my fucking account!" {old GOS self-ref blog joke} really, everyone cares. or rather, we all know you'll be reading comments on this post, even as you protest too much 'goodbye;' what other purpose does it serve?

/sorry, tired part time blogger/

yo, i can relate. the sad thing, and true, is that once the blogosphere has its hooks in you, it's very hard to really "leave." if there were something like AA for bloggers, the 4th steppers would be telling you right now, "yes, but then there is the need." this, sadly, is one commodity which will only increase in value in this country over the next few years (intelligent conversation about facts). blogchat will be hard to replace with squirrels, local public school grads, and bunnies as Salon-mates, yo? Mdme. de Geoffrin and Helvetius are hard to find at the Wal-Mart, or so i've discovered in my own post-Court experiments with simple society.

either way: much love to you and yours, all the best, peace, and good luck on your many projects. i've learned a lot from you and i'm glad you've stopped by and shared. perhaps this is Karma; i just found out my own situation is changing and perhaps reflects a different focus, in that sense that concerns home-making. so i'll let your work inspire me. thank you.

Submitted by hipparchia on

then this would mean that you're starting your own blog and you and cd will be carrying on a never-ending blogwar about just who is the better house-fixer-upper/builder, and what is the proper ratio of edibles:ornamentals:tiles in the garden, and whose septic tank overflows first, and whether humans or chickens provide the best manure.

and there would be massive amounts of pikchurs.

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Did something bad happen? What's with the big goodbye? Was there a big flame war here that I missed? Were terrible charges and counter-charges thrown about? Did some lout insult ohio's home-building skills?

WTF happened here?

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Submitted by trishb on

Ohio, I mostly lurk but I love your posts. The house building that you're doing is beyond fascinating.