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A Good Run Will Always Be Better Than A Bad Stand

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With the majority of people’s attention on the apocalyptic oil gusher in the Gulf, many of us are forgettin’ there’s actually still some pretty big things happening right here in our own backyard. One of the big ones for us Floridians is the recent passage of SB 1143, the supposed “Reduction and Simplification of Healthcare” legislation that actually increases barriers for women in our state seeking abortions.

That bill is now sittin' on Governor Charlie Crist’s desk just a gnat’s whisker away from enactment. Well folks, now is the time where the rubber officially meets the road.

Although Crist has openly criticized the bill because it would essentially charge women for mandated pre-abortion ultrasounds, he has had it on his desk since Monday and has yet to veto the legislation.

Perhaps it’s time for us to put his new Independent affiliation to the test. Will he stand with us or continue to pander to Marco Rubio’s followers in an effort to gain the lead in the upcomin’ Senate race?

I personally think this could be the decidin’ moment for the exceedingly neat and tan Governor.

With Crist and Rubio currently neck-n-neck in the upcomin’ race, one can easily imagine the pickle that the standing governor now finds himself in. If he signs this legislation into law, he is sure to lose the votes of many Progressives, like myself, who have realized Dennis Meek "don’t stand a chance" at the polls come November. If Crist vetoes it, he can kiss all them “moral value party” voters goodbye.

So, what’s it gonna be? Will he use this moment to prove he’s truly no longer a line-toein’ Rightie or will he cave, in hopes to steal votes away from Florida’s Tea Party favorite? I say we help him just a teensy bit by reminding him which side he wants to be on come this fall.

In an effort to help our Governor make this dandy little decision, I ask each and every one of you to give Crist’s office a ring tomorrow at (850) 488-7146, or better yet send a fax to (850) 487-0801.

Let him know just how much this bill will effect your vote in November!

Tell Charlie that this is his opportunity to prove to the Left that he’s with us and remind him that no matter what, a good run will always be better than a bad stand.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

whether he vetoes this legislation or not, nor can i bring myself to even let him think i'd vote for him. i have, however, let the gov's office know what i think of the bill.

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Submitted by The Mayberry Lane on

but Rubio scares the bejesus out of me... I fear we have no option but to vote against him. Hopefully Meek will come up in the polls and we'll have a better option come November.

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Submitted by madamab on

When the government would both mandate that a woman have a pre-abortion ultrasound (get your hands off my ladyparts, jackasses) AND make her pay for the privilege. The words "forced, uninsured vasectomy" come to mind.

Sometimes I have no hope for this country at all.

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Submitted by tarheel-leftist85 on

is legacy party to the core, it seems like Bud Chiles might be worth looking at. No policy statements on his site, though, which makes me suspicious. He shouldn't be asking people to "walk with him" until he tells them his policies (otherwise it's no different from the legacy parties and their "stand with" political rent-seeking). Even if Chiles is legit, in the context of state politics, however, MMT isn't exactly relevant (since states can't print money and spend indefinitely, though the federal government can), but maybe he'd be receptive. And it wouldn't hurt to have an advocate of MMT leading the soon-to-be third largest state, right?

On the other hand, we know Crist has picked his tribe, but he's going to be a supporter of the effort to privatize SS/Medicare via O's cat food commission just like Meek or Rubio (the latter two just have different tribal followings).

To vote against Rubio, one not need sell themselves to Crist/Meek. We can write in, we can vote third party, or--barring all else--write in NOTA.

All that said, i don't live in FL; i'm currently a resident of SC. And, i won't be voting for Sheheen, Rawl/Greene, or any legacy party candidate for that matter...under any circumstances whatsoever. Sheheen is like any other legacy party pol in regards to job creation: throw money no-strings-attached at MNCs and hope™ for job creation. Sure these jobs might be temporary, underpaid, overwhelmingly allocated to out-of-staters, etc. but...Look over there! Nikki Haley!