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Good Rubio takedown from Cannonfire



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conning the naive little Big Banksters, mortgage lenders, and Wall Streeters and thus bringing down the economy.


And, of course, spendthrift Dems in Congress made it possible for the evil, conniving poor people to bamboozle the Big Banksters, mortgage lenders, and Wall Street. Through Fannie and Freddie, ya see?

But it's a line being repeated over and over, becoming another zombie lie that will not die -- and our non-journalists in the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) are playing along with the Republicans.

As is their wont, since sometime during St. Ronnie's administration.

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So pushed for time, will have to elaborate later. But think that Rubio will be one of a couple of Repubs, that Dems should definitely view as a threat.

In short, he's got the "life's story" (certainly, a more "real" story of "the everyday man" than the current President's story). Remember, the President' had a "banker VP" Grandmother (that he lived with for years), a Mother with a PhD, a natural Father with either a Masters or a PhD, and a step-Father with a Master's Degree.

How the Dems achieved painting him as some "up from the boot-straps figure," still amazes me. Bottom line: he'll be an 'anti-Romney,' for sure.

Heck, Rubio can even claim (which he does incessantly) that he's just paid off his student loan!

Seriously, I do believe that he will garner a considerable amount of the Hispanic vote. I've lived and studied in Mexico (twice), and theirs really is a considerably conservative culture. And I mean really conservative on many cultural issues. And, that's even true of the ones who are not devout Catholics.

So, if he can take a page out of the Democratic Party's playbook, and throw out a lot of "populist" jargon which he doesn't mean a word of (LOL!--sound familiar?), I'd say the man will have a shot at the Presidency.

Particularly, if the Dems actually (and I'd be the house on it, that they will) pass "austerity" measures.

I was so busy the other night looking into Medicare, that I missed that the President must be going with the most severe Bowles-Simpson Tax Reform. (I've got to check into this more, but Mr Alexa's confirmed that that's what he heard--revenue neutral "tax reform.")

Anyway, if the President does slash the social insurance programs, while raising taxes (who cares if it's through loopholes--Bowles-Simpson's recommendations target the lower and middle classes, NOT THE WEALTHY, which some folks apparently believe)--I think we'll be looking at a moment in time like the "anybody but a Republican," after Bush's two terms.

And Rubio is relatively young, relatively attractive, and frankly, can deliver a half-way decent "spiel." Certainly, he leaves poor Jindal in the dust, LOL!

And please, don't mistake my positive critique of him, for support.

Mr. Alexa and I are at least left of Howard Zinn. :-D