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Good news: superdelegates now aligning with the right candidate

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Now that Obama is doing better with superdelegates, they'll surely be free to vote for the candidate of their choice, regardless of whether he has more regular delegates in their states and overall, because they're voting for the transcendent candidate who brings out the best in us, instead of for the ugly shrew.

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Here we have.."Shrill, hysterical wifey fit, unhinged, bitch, witch"......

that threads like this continue to be defended on that sad, sorry site speaks for itself.

or this..."With this, Hillary has ended her misguided and bipolar campaign on a note that will destroy whatever legacy or place she might have had left in the Democratic Party".
On top of all that, she looked like an emotionally unbalanced, hysterical human being.:

The author of this little Valentine is a long term DU hillary hater..I called her shrill and hysterical once..was banned shortly after..that venom is reserved for Hillary only..

It is pretty much a fetid swamp of freerepublic wanna-be's. I hope the women over there reap what they sow, and that their male bosses pat them either on the head or on the ass, tell them to be a nice little gal and go get some coffee, and dismiss them as periodically unhinged and unbalanced. I hope they remain grateful to the male bosses who will keep them employed as long as they do as they are told and keep looking good.
And I hope they enjoy this new world they helped create. I hope, as well, that they do not "bitch" about women being second class citizens..they sacrificed gender on the Obama alter of race in this campaign and really have nothing to "bitch" about.
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I sincerely regret any slander and hardships that fetid sawmps suffer due to my unfortunate comparison of said fetid swamps to DU. I have always had a deep and abiding respect for said swamps..It was undeed uncalled for, and an unfortunate comparison..fetid sawmps have never done anything to me to derserve such abuse.
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Kerry is a horrible loser. I wouldn't wish his endorsement upon anyone but Lieberman. He screwed Ohio and left us with this B.S. election system because he cowardly slunk out of town in the middle of the night while he conceded.

Sure, it doesn't matter if Ohioians votes mattered as long as his reputation goes untarnished.

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OF COURSE Obamacrat superdelegate switchers will not bite the bullet
and Do The Right Thing (vote for Hillary who won their state)

Did anyone seriously think they...would?

For, once again, he is twisting the whole electoral system to...serve him.

Superdelegates were installed after disasterous candidates I...voted for.
hey, I GET Obamamnia. I got TEAR GASSED for George McGovern!
I UNDERSTAND how it feels to cast my fate to...hope.
But McGovern HAD obama's sort of fanatical support in the primary
and he lost...big Richard Nixon.

So, just as it is the JOB of the senate to curb the enthusiam of the house,
the superdelegates are THERE to prevail as calmer heads of state at
the democratic convention.

Yet, even as Barack positions himself to take advantage of the
inevidable erosion of Hillary's superdelegate base by his onslaught,
He is making the, I think, prudent practice of superdelegates obsolete.

On the other hand, they probably SHOULD be obsolete...

if the act of COMMITTING your vote to a candidate, as so many did
up front to Hillary Clinton, in the end, means so little.

I thought I knew what "I promise" meant..

The effort to demonize ANY one or thing that stands in Obama's way
is becoming a predictable pattern so he will TAKE the votes
while he refuses to acknowlege what they are there...for.

America is fickle, we quickly get bored with...predictatble.
And, with the Keillorian prairie home humility of The Heartland
we truly dislike anyone who feels a bit TOO good about themselves.

So Barack's arrogant assumptions yet dismissive stance towards the superdelegates, (who, leave us not forget, are past presidents (as in Clinton), govenors, congressmen and party dignitaries) who are in a TERRIBLE position is NOT making him any friends in...The Party.

And We The People are also noting the...hypocracy...of his position

Ironically for Obama,
should Hillary turn the tables...just enough...and I THINK she will,
it will be fairly easy for the superdelegates to slosh away FROM Obama.

A tide moves in BOTH directions.


"You need a mother VERY badly!"

-wendy to captain hook


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The nomination will come down to the superdelegates. Neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates to win outright, so it will be decided by the SD's at the convention in August.

By then, Obama will have gone from "fad" to "fade"

After all, the attention span of his fan base is only 15 minutes.

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Submitted by Joebasic on

The best description of the Obama campaign I have heard yet..I honestly do not expect the Phenopm to keep the attention of the media much longer.
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