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God hates us for our democracy

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So much for suffrage:

Serena Williams would vote for Barack Obama if she could. Don't even ask Venus Williams what her political leanings are.

The Williams sisters, vocal on so many issues from fashion to gender equality and equal pay for women, say they're not allowed to vote because of their religion. The sisters, who have 14 Grand Slam singles titles between them and are among the most recognizable athletes in sports, are Jehovah's Witnesses.

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what's the punishment if they do?

they're a political force in Brooklyn regardless--but since they're subject to all our laws anyway, they should vote too--they have no voice in choosing the people who make the laws.

(for us Jews, it's pretty much mandatory--we are supposed to be involved and active in all things that affect all our daily lives and rights and opportunity, etc.)

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When I was waiting for the bus yesterday, a nice woman stopped her car, asked where I was going, and offered me a ride. We chatted for a while. I told her I was working for HR676. She told me she was a Jehovah's Witness. We were both just sayin'.

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The earth and it's governments are Satan's domain.

Voting is participating in that.

So no voting.

The world is ending, yada yada yada.