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Go read Leverett and Mann on "The Secret History of the Impending War with Iran" immediately

They're the NSC staffers and Iranian experts who censored by the administration when they wrote on Op-Ed for the Times--and the Times went ahead and published it with parts blacked out, as if the country had turned into a fucking Banana Republic.

So, go read.

Normally, I hate posts like this... But I'm sjaking with anger so it's hard to type more.


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the sites the Iranian thought the US ought to bomb are.

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If “sjacking” isn’t a legitimate word it should be. I’m starting to run out of superlatives for describing the magnitude of frustration with these criminals.

Also from Robert Dreyfus last week in Rolling Stone:

Cheney Targets Iran
The vice president is angling behind the scenes for another war in the Middle East

“Sometime early next year, Dick Cheney is planning to start his third war in the Middle East.”
"’For Bush, the Middle East is everything,’ says Larry Korb, a former defense official in the Reagan administration. ‘Cheney reinforces the idea that Bush's legacy will be what happens there. And Cheney can tip the balance.’"
"’The vice president's office has been the focal point for the view that puts the focus on hard power, on military power, as a way of achieving goals,’ says Dennis Ross, a veteran U.S. diplomat who has been close to Hannah for years. ‘I think it's going to come to a head sometime in 2008.’"

But our military stars and bars aren’t enthusiastic:

“That's what worries military brass, who fear that Iran would hit back against U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and activate terrorist allies in the Middle East, further destabilizing a region already struggling with two major wars. Such scenarios have apparently been war-gamed at the Pentagon, with sobering results.”
Adm. William "Fox" Fallon, a diplomacy-minded officer, was named to head the U.S. Central Command, the war-fighting body with responsibility for the Persian Gulf. Dismissing talk of an attack on Iran as "unhelpful" and "distracting," Fallon declared that "the idea that we have yet another conflict in this region strikes me as not where we want to go." Other high-level military brass also oppose the idea of war with Iran: According to Chas Freeman, who served as ambassador to Saudi Arabia under George H.W. Bush, opposition runs so strong at the Joint Chiefs of Staff that several top generals and admirals might resign if Bush orders an attack on Iran.


“Among conservatives in Washington the question of the day is: Are the president and vice president willing to sacrifice the future of the Republican Party on the altar of the failed war in Iraq and a new war in Iran?
“According to most analysts, the answer is yes. ‘We see a stubbornness in the president that is virtually unique,’ says Doug Bandow, a foreign-policy expert and former Reagan aide. ‘What does he care about the party's future? He parachuted into politics on his father's coattails. He's never been much of a party guy, and I think he could care less. Cheney is more of a Republican, but he's at the end of his career. He just might be ready to bring the whole house down on top of them if that's what it takes.’"

So it comes to this, that defiance of civilian authority by our military - in essence a coup - may be the last remaining hope to stop the Bush criminal cabal?

Sjaking with anger, indeed, as should we all.

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Wow. Coming after Tuesday's Frontline, the dominoes are lining up in a depressing formation. The Bush administration conducts brain surgery on itself, and Leverett & Mann find themselves exiled. It's now clearer than ever that there were people in Iran who were willing to take dramatic personal risks for peace in the region.

Cheney, who never took a personal risk in his miserable life beyond packing down the calories, couldn't even be bothered to listen to what they have to say. I think it's clear now that when the Vice President of the United States said "Go fuck yourself," he was speaking to us all.

I'm sjaking, too.

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Yeah, I had to get outta here, so I spent a couple or three pleasant hours playing whack-a-mole with Hillary's idiot spear-carriers at Big Orange. Gad. I efar for the Republic.

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Because after reading this article, and thinking about how easily all of this MESS they have created could have just as easily been a path towards some kind of peace, I don't know what else to do. This world is run by madmen.

I hope the anti-christ comes soon so all the people of the world can join together as one.

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Not really, that would be Lambert's to define, it could be a typo but Dr. Freud suggests otherwise.

LB, read the thread at Kos - the whole tedious thing - and I must say it is awfully nice of you to spend time playing with the slow kids. One thought.

On my dark nights, when I need a nice soft dream to go to sleep on, I posit that Hillary has done nothing but equivocate and triangulate and hedge and make nice with VRWC members since oh way long time ago, and maybe - just maybe - she is a whole lot smarter and craftier and patient and vindictive than we give her credit for. Could this be a long term careful calculated repositioning of her public persona towards the "middle" to ensure election, after which the real hardass firebreathing Hillary of yore will emerge to shove universal healthcare and other useful items down the rightwing's throat?

Don't have any evidence, mind you, but thinking it might be so does make for a better night's sleep.

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We can hope for the "firebreathing Hillary" of yore (when?) to emerge, certainly. But, while that idea doesn't demand the level of credulity that electing a President because you'd want to have a beer with him does, it does boil down to "Trust me."

And I just don't see any reason to. And although Clintons were not ideologically driven sociopaths, we should remember that many of the trends so accelerated under Bush began under Clinton--mercenaries, for example.

So, while I would vote for Hillary over any Republican, still, I think the country can do better, and I hope it does.

NOTE I also find the idea that Hillary will botch her second health care approach as badly as she botched the first one. The argument can indeed be made that she has learned from the experience, but isn't that really a clever inversion of the weak proposition "Vote for me because I failed?"

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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But I had fun. The whole experience reminded me of this song by the Knitters:

Well I woke up this morning, lookin' for kicks

Went out to the barnyard to stomp on some chicks

They call me Wreckin' Ball, 'cause I'm the baddest of 'em all

I'll stomp on an egg, or I'll stomp on a duck

Geese or cornish hens, I don't give a fuck

They call me Wreckin' Ball, 'cause I'm the baddest of 'em all

Well everybody asks why I'm such a bastard

Well wringing their necks ain't no fun and stompin' kills 'em faster

Childish, I know. But fun. And I was not impressed by the nature of Hillary Clinton's supporters on this thread. The question was, why won't Hillary say she'll filibuster along with Biden? The ripostes (and the posters seemed to come in shifts, interestingly) seemed to fall into these categories:

1. She already said she was going to. This got dropped early on after the poster and I stomped it. She's clearly parsing her words.

2. You hate Hillary. Obviously that's not on point. It's also a mirror image of Malkin's (?) Bush derangement syndrome.

3. Hillary's a winner, and I'm proud to be associated with her. Obviously that's not on point. Worse, it's the sort of argument an authoritarian follower would make.

4. They all stayed relentlessly on message. Again, a mirror image of Republican behavior.

5. NONE, not one, not a single solitary one, would engage with, or even admit the existence of, a Constititutional issue. That doesn't bode well for Hillary's term in office at all; after all, you'd expect even on-message authoritarian followers to "work toward the Leader" by propagating memes they think the Leader approves of. So I doubt very much that Hillary's going to throw off her clever disguise once elected and start surrenduring executive power.

All in all, I'd say that the experience is proof that Hillary's campaign is what we have thought and said it was all along: Consultant-driven, Beltway, business as usual. If it were anything else, she'd have something going for her at the Kossack level. (I don't flatter myself that I'm well known over there, but a smart netroots operation would surely monitor the keywords at 500,000-hits-per-day Kos, deal with anything that came up, and send a pro over to stomp the poster and myself in our turn. Or they did, which is worse (or better, depending).

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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Firebreathing may have been the wrong term for Hillary (SoCal on my unconscious mind?) but she does shoot laser beams out of her eyes. I’m sure I remember that happening when she was on her Vast Right Wing Conspiracy rant, can’t find a clip but I am certain it happened – or appeared to.

Clinton was fiery in her youth. All reports use the term “passionate” for her support of Goldwater, by her own account primarily for his aspect of relatively benign Western-individualism-style libertarianism. Her move towards Democratic politics was driven as much by a sense of equalitarianism and compassion as by a rejection of the emerging bigotry and criminal conspiracy of Nixonian Republicanism. That basic decency has to count for something as a core value characteristic. She passed on the safe option and seized an historic opportunity as the first student commencement speaker at Wellesley, gaining national attention for her chastisement of the preceding speaker, United States Senator Edmund Brooke, as well as her denunciation of the complacency of conventional politics, call to activism and rejection of the politics of fear. She got a seven-minute standing ovation for that essentially progressive speech, not bad for a 20-year-old.

At Wellesley she led a student strike for racial equality. The summer after graduation she worked her way through Alaska where she caused so much trouble over unhealthy conditions at a salmon cannery that she was fired. While at Yale she did volunteer work with abused children, provided free legal counseling to the poor, researched migrant worker conditions for Walter Mondale and did a summer internship with a very far-left law firm, not a pattern of pursuits normally associated with a dispassionate, moderate, centrist or corporatist persona. Any remaining doubt about her passionate nature at the time should be removed by considering another quote from that commencement address:

“We're searching for a more immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living.”

The kind of talk that grabs my attention. She certainly grabbed hold of Bill Clinton’s, a big smart good-looking hound dog with plenty of options who pursued her for years. She must have been some kind of hot intellectually as well as physically to captivate him so. After marriage, she suppressed her individual potential as a politician to support Bill’s career, a decision that must now rankle. Once the health care debacle unfolded she had no apparent choice but to further stifle her own self, and then it was just one thing after another, an unrelenting beatdown. Still, she wasn’t defeated; her calculated pursuit of the Senate and now the Presidency shows that.

And I’m not so worried about the “Trust Me” aspect, it is at least qualitatively the same as any other politician, or for that matter any human relationship. As to her having failed at some things; who hasn’t? I much prefer a person who has failed and learned from it and has the courage to take up a worthwhile cause anew to someone who fails and quits. And it could be that neither Hillary nor her staff nor her followers grasp the nuance of your grammatical argument, that they –and she – honestly believe she has repudiated authoritarianism and are in that wise more ignorant than malicious.

Sigh. You’re probably correct that she’s changed, that what you see is what there is, bought out, sold out, copped out, just another old pol grasping for more and more power. It is an affront for her to equivocate or hesitate even slightly in affirming a clear commitment to Constitutional principles. Even if it’s a dodge to appeal to some marginal voting block, it is no less offensive. But I still can’t help but wish that she is in actuality a better person than she appears, that some of the passion still remains, deliberately concealed beneath a covering of banality for the purpose she quoted in that long ago Wellesley speech:

“There's that wonderful line in East Coker by Eliot about there's only the trying, again and again and again; to win again what we've lost before.”

She may emerge from her consultant-built cocoon as the reincarnation of Mothra, but even a great huge awkward but benevolent monstrosity will still be so much better than any of the malevolent Republican horrors. Maybe strong and smart is needed in the short term to beat back the forces of a darker evil.