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"The Gnostic Obama"

Gad. Any joke that you have to explain....

We just get these ever more sophisticated variants of W.O.R.M.

Wouldn't it be simpler, as well as analyitically more effective, so follow the money, and watch who gets the power? All this meta shit...

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

"What they miss is the Obama Code. For the sake of unity, the President tends to express his moral vision indirectly. Like other self-aware and highly articulate speakers, he connects with his audience using what cognitive scientists call the "cognitive unconscious." Speaking naturally, he lets his deepest ideas simply structure what he is saying. If you follow him, the deep ideas are communicated unconsciously and automatically. " The Code is his most effective way to bring the country together around fundamental American values."

"...It is necessary because tens of millions of Americans-both conservatives and progressives-don't yet perceive the vital sea change that Obama is bringing about."

True, about 18,000,000 of us last year were too stupid to understand!

Submitted by lambert on

... needs to expressed indirectly?

Lakoff and BAGNews should get together. The sad thing is that Lakoff, as an academic, did really interesting work.

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I've been to the soirees and shindigs and everyone wants to coddle up to the power people. I see nothing wrong with some vanity and ambition, but problems are almost inevitable when you are willing to sacrifice your integrity to be in the power circles. So it goes.

I don't know about you, but this reeks of the Biden police. You know, convincing us of the rightness of something when everything else tells us that its wrong...

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Who are these people who write this drivel? And why are they writing it? It is nonsense. Lambert's right-- Follow the money.

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one toke over the line with that analysis (??)


Sorry to say, I'm sure someone is going to take it seriously.