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Global Warming: If tipping points are reached, how far will things go?

Check out this artist's rendering of what a really worst case outcome might be. As in, say so long to America's bread baske, among other things. Rising sea levels, of course, don't have to get to the worst possible level to create great danger and destruction to most of us.

Found this blog via a link from Susie at Suburban Guerrilla to a Davd Johnson post (Seeing the Forest) about the Repubs' new "jobs" plan which is just like their others and means tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. Ah yes, trickle down, which means they're pissing on us little people. Anyway, a comment had to link to this site, Dredd Blog.

Then, over at The Agonist, Tina linked to this article on the next huge species die off, with we humans playing the role of the huge meteor (or whatever was the catalyst).

Looked like a theme. Crashing the climate, killing off species, ruining the economy for everyone but the Uberwealthy. In all three, maybe the wealthy will survive a bit longer, more comfortably, but they will also go down. Hard, hopefully.


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The piece on Ecuador is heartbreaking. Here's a chance to save a significant portion of the rainforest and help a country in desperate need. It would cost roughly what this country spends in a few weeks killing innocent people in countries that have done nothing to us. And just like every serious solution for climate change, it'll never happen, imo.

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the elites are truly split. The smart ones know that nothing will save them if the worst case scenarios are realized. All their money will mean nothing when they burn or drown or die of slow starvation. It's why you've got elites like Richard Branson or Hank Paulson who are deadly serious about climate change, and you've got elites like Roger Ailes who think there's profit to be had in the destruction. Those ones are not only evil but foolish.