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Give us this day, our daily mixed emotions about the President-elect

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The next Mr. President is fast-tracking plans for economic action to be ready on day one, which is what one would hope he'd be doing.

I'm not sure what the opposite of a "lame duck" is, to describe the -elect phase of the Presidency, but while he's that kind of duck ("toddler duck"? "cruiser duck"?) it's good he's urging that a thoughtful bill reach his desk like a well-executed alley-oop:

After saying how vital the auto industry is to the nation's economic well-being, he scolded auto executives who last week asked Congress for a $25 billion bailout without providing enough specifics about how they would change the way they do business. "We can't just write a blank check to the auto industry," Obama said.

Yet, isn't he the same Barack Obama who drove the getaway car for the ill-defined $700B Big Give?

I'm sure that, unlike our grandchildren who will pay for it, we're supposed to get over the NOW NOW NOW bailout (hey, it's half-spent already), but would it have been hustled through so thoughtlessly if its benefits didn't include putting to bed the one last issue that John McCain might have had to complicate the couldn't-lose election?

Perhaps Obamawin's law should be extended past the primary until election, or better-still, inauguration day. So, Paulson's plunder is just one more well-worth-it sunk cost like the debt the DNC incurred to supplement Obama's record-breaking fundraising for the most brilliant and flawless campaign evah!

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