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Give the National Lawyer's Guild your money, not the ACLU

NLG is standing up. Where's the ACLU?

5.38pm: Karen McVeigh reports: On the steps of the New York state supreme court, lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild, representing OWS protesters, told a waiting crowd of reporters that they were disappointed with the judge's ruling and would consider an appeal.

Yetta Kurland said: "We're obviously disappointed with the decision by judge Stallman and equally disappointed that he went the other way from an earlier judge who had granted an emergency order allowing protesters the right to Stay in the park with their belongings.

"This has not stopped the movement. The 99 per cent will continue to show up, continue to express themselves."

Alan Levine, one of five lawyers representing OWS, said: "We call on mayor Bloomberg to reopen the park and keep his promise. This is just a hiccup."

Asked if there was anything in the judge's decision that would prevent protesters bringing sleeping bags, Levine said: "There's nothing to prevent them sleeping there tonight. If there's going to be a right to a 24-hour occupation we believe that's protected by the First Amendment. That right has along with it the attendant right to be protected by the elements. The judge didn't disagree."


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i searched the internets but didn't find anything about nlg writing such a brief. you got a link?

meanwhile, from what i did find on the internet, the progressive organizations and individuals that did write briefs "in support of" citizens united were only addressing one narrow point - the effect that the supreme court's decision would have on political advertising ["speech"] paid for by non-profit organizations [including unions]. their position appears to be that we shouldn't be taking away the right to run political ads [ie free speech], instead we should be taking away the "rights" and "personhood" of corporations.

some examples: