If you have "no place to go," come here!

Give back what you stole, 1%!

The 99% doesn't want everything; just what you stole:

The Wealth-X re­search an­swers “how many” as well. The firm counts 185,795 in­di­vid­u­als world­wide with at least $30 mil­lion net worth. These ultra high net-worth in­di­vid­u­als — UHNWs — hold $25 tril­lion in com­bined wealth

185,795 is not very many. Of course, they can purchase a lot of support.

Then again, even the purchased loyalty of mercenaries has its limits. Even shills and whores -- not to insult whores by comparing them to, say, academic economists* --- have families, friends, suffer as humans. This is why the "small rebellions" are so very important; change happens at the micro, person-to-person level, too. Many drops make a tide, as the movement to gay marriage, for example, shows.

NOTE * Other than UMKC.

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