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Gingrich wins SC

That's hilarious.

Honestly, can't the Rs do better than a 90s retread?

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

Mike Huckabee has to be kicking himself right now.

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Submitted by albrt on

I think it's pretty safe to assume he was among the people who were told to stay out of the Republican primary race so Obama would not face a serious challenge.

And I think it's also pretty safe to assume everybody involved was compensated appropriately.

Submitted by Alcuin on

Yeah, I've been saying for awhile now that this whole clown show has been orchestrated by the elite. I don't know what form the compensation has taken, but I don't doubt that it has been applied quite liberally. There are many forms that compensation can take ... appointments to choice positions in corporate America or the government, take your pick. Americans are so, so gullible ...

Submitted by Alcuin on

I don't go to Red State voluntarily, so thanks for the link, DCblogger. What I found most fascinating while reading the comments is how they mirrored the debate amongst Democrats leading up to Obama's nomination in 2008. It is so interesting to read about the bickering going on in the GOP, all the while knowing that whoever wins in November will continue to serve the elite. Leftists are angry with D.C. and now right-wingers (notice that I didn't write, "conservatives"!) are angry with D.C. I don't think this portends well for the future of this country.

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Staying out to protect Obama?

Submitted by Alcuin on

I have distant memories, from my days as a high school student long ago, of the Jacksonian Era in American history. Are we on the verge of another bout of that behavior? When the louts broke the windows out of the White House and swung from the curtains?