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Gilded Age Redux: Corporation to "Arbitrate" Rape

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Halliburton/KBR won't hire you unless you sign a contract that requires "arbitration" for any disputes between you and your employer during your employment. Even rape.
And now naysayers

-- also Halliburton employees -- claim that Jones, and the other women who have come forward to complain about what was done to them while working for KBR/Halliburton, endanger them.

Blog commenter "Tom" says:
As a former cop and former KBR Security Tech, I can tell you that no Army doctor or investigator...would turn evidence over to a civilian and that is what anyone in KBR is, a civilian....

I have 5 daughters and I hope none of them have to face even half of what she claims to have been through but, until I see actual proof then her story is just that a story that needs to be investigated....

It won’t matter if her accusations were true or not, because the damage has been done....Having many friends who are still in Iraq that I keep in touch with, I can tell you of the collateral damage she has caused many thousands of KBR employees who are just trying to survive and support the troops.

The same soldiers who already “Hated” KBR because they think we made too much money now have more reason to hate them and it has started to show in the fact that there has been name calling by soldiers directed at KBR employees.

It won’t be long before we will see in the news the story of some KBR employee who was beaten viciously by soldiers because he was seen talking to a female and they thought he might be planning to rape her.

You may laugh but I have had 2 friends who have already been told “Go home rapist” and “don’t let me see you out at night”.

Comment by Tom — December 20, 2007 @ 12:33 pm

Hey Tom? Get over it. Your friends don't need reconstructive surgery. You, nor your friends, were drugged, raped, held captive in a cargo box, and left to fear for your lives. You and your friends can let Halliburton/KBR "arbitrate" your concerns.

Meanwhile, I can hope that some other form of justice arises from this quagmire in Iraq -- one that stops rapists and murderers, albeit rapists and murderers cloaked in the tie and button down camouflage of government's hallowed halls and management's impervious fortresses. "Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander."

I cannot begin to express the depth, breadth, volume and temperature of the outrage, the loathing, the sheer unabashed desire for all things BUSH-RELATED to be destroyed apocalyptically, utterly and yes, graphically, stories like these inspire.

"Get over it."

I'd like to teach every one of these witless bastards the true meaning of the phrase.

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Classic Bushie thinking.

In other words: even when true and no matter how abominable the crime, no accusations shall ever be made against our authoritarian power elites, because such revelations would weaken our national security.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

enforced prostitution, substandard treatment of workers, environmental destruction, human rights's actually a pretty long list. but they are tongue and groove with our ubermasters, so, natch.

that they mistreat a single woman surprises me not. nor does the fact that halliburton has the money to buy bots/sycophants to troll blogs to leave comments wailing about how unfair any attention to that fact is to them.

think, just think, about how much money you'd need to have, before you'd spend it on suchlike. that is the part that blows my mind.

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Good, i hope the gis start shooting up those fucking mercenaries.