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Getting a new account workaround

A few months ago, Drupal revealed a horrible bug, which at Corrente made itself visible by people (or bots) being able to set up new accounts and log in without my approving them. The same bug also enabled people (or bots) of ill intent to actually corrupt or destroy the server itself. So far as I know, no actual damage was ever done, but the bug was scary enough that I took the site down, fixed the bug, and had the ISP roll the server back to the point in time where the bug actually appeared.

Now, fallout from that bug is that I turned off the New Accounts function -- and have not been able to turn it back on, for reasons I don't understand! In the near future, I'll upgrade the site again, and I'm hoping this glitch goes away then.

So, if you want a new account, here's the work-around:

Use the comment form to get in touch with me. I'll set you up with an account. Be sure to include your email! (That the Contact Form defaults to an old address of mine is yet another little bug I have to fix.) Thank you!

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It there's anyone else who wants an account and doesn't have one, please use the contact for at top right.