If you have "no place to go," come here!

Get your very own "Pull My Finger" Farting Bush Doll today!

And to think we used to be satisfied with bobblehead dolls. Technology, and American marketing genius, march on!

I'm swear not making this up!

pull_my_finger Words just can not describe the laughter when people see our Pull My Finger Farting George Bush Doll. Not only does he fart, he sings and shakes too! Standing over 8" tall pull the Commander in Chiefs finger and he'll shake, fart and say 7 wacky phrases and a fart song in the off-beat tradition of our great leader.

You know, this whole "pull my finger" concept does tend to, erm, recontextualize manly, authoritative images like this:


Wouldn't you agree?

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