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Get Wall Street out of Health Care!

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March Against the Health Insurance Industry

Wednesday 26 October :: 3PM :: Zucotti Park :: Under the "Big Red Thing" :: Cedar Street & Broadway


3:00pm Assemble

4:00pm Open Speakout – share your personal struggles with our healthcare system

4:30pm March Against the Health Insurance Industry

March Details:

4:30pm – Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield / One Liberty Plaza: located across the street from Zuccotti park, Empire is a subsidiary of WellPoint, the largest publicly-traded health insurance company. CEO Angela Braley’s overall compensation is $13.1 million dollars, enough to cover 1455 New Yorkers.

5:30pm – WellCare / 110 5th Ave: the for-profit company that administers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs in New York and other states. Currently being investigated for fraud with estimates that WellCare illegally siphoned $400 million to $600 million from state health insurance programs for the poor. (1)

6pm – St Vincent’s Community Hospital / 12th St & 7th Ave: closed earlier this year due to bankruptcy, St Vincent’s is a casualty of profit-driven insurers and a healthcare system that leaves 50 million Americans uninsured. There are now no hospitals on the westside below 57th st.


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We could use more, but the union and community organizing infrastructure is on this.

To join us: email

Beyond May 12th = A Strong Economy For All

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My own local voted unanimously in favor of a resolution to push us forward. CUNY students are playing a part in the demands working group. I couldn't be prouder.

Look far a MAJOR union march in a few weeks.; We've done this before, but (props to OWS) now we might get some press. Yes!