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Georgia's Permit Rules Keep Ex-Cons Jobless

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Washington Informer

Some 50,000 blacks in the state are barred by law from working in 20 occupations that require a professional license because of prior criminal convictions, unable to even apply for government approval to cut hair, mow lawns or unclog drains.

The label "ex-convict" frightens many private-sector employers, but the public sector creates its own obstacles with a truly confounding catch-22: Many jobs require government licenses, but convicted felons are forbidden to hold these permits. This conundrum gives many former inmates little choice but to work off the books. This, in turn, means they sometimes are lured to breaking the law in order to escape their former lives of lawlessness.

The whole idea is to force people back into crime, into the for-profit prison system, and into the prison industries. It is slavery 2.0.

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Thankful for this the last thing any ones wants to do to is help those that that need the help most.

I do hate this