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George Felix Allen: Racist and stupid

As one of our Republican-enabling commenters inadvertently points out, George Felix Allen is, well, stupid.

Yet another Republican nimrod.

I mean, how much intellectual firepower do you need to avoid calling one of your constituents a monkey--when the monkey is holding a camera?

More firepower than George Felix Allen, apparently.

And voters agree:


Even Northern Virginia Republicans who support Allen say they are a bit worried.

Rob Jackson, 55, a lawyer from McLean, said he still plans to vote for Allen, despite what he called "a stupid remark that a senator shouldn't have said." Jackson added that the Senate race is probably closer now. "It certainly hurt George Allen," he said. "It was a dumb thing to do."

George Felix Allen--racist and stupid.

Of course, in today's Republican party, that's a two-fer--as lawyer Jackson shows. Sigh.

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