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George Bush Scandal Sheet on Steroids

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Before the Mitchell Report came out yesterday, we were a nation in crisis over the continuing steroid hullabaloo in Major League Baseball. Identifying this problem and naming names has finally addressed the most pressing issue of our time, aside from teh gay and teh brown people.

Anywho, if you have a little unused outrage bandwith, might I suggest you take a gander at this pretty Troubletown Cartoon (via the indispensible uggabugga) cataloguing all the scandals that have occurred during the current Administration.

I thought I would perform a public service and transcribe this little nugget. It's an awfully handy menu to refer to and I'm sure FeralLiberalcould recommend an amusing bottle of wine or homemade moonshine to accompany it. Enjoy!

Lying us into Iraq
Almost Lying us into Iran
Missing 9-11 Clues
Letting Osama Get Away
Firing US Attorneys
Torture Memo, Abu Ghraib
Destroying CIA Torture Tapes
Karl Rove Emails "Lost," Hard Drive "Wiped"
Scooter's Sentence Commuted
Walter Reed: Neglect of Iraq Vets
Re-Talibaning of Afghanistan
Randy "Duke," "Dusty," Porter, & Hookers & Bribes
Jack Abramoff and Friends
Iraq Reconstruction Looting
Undermining 9-11 Commission
Data Mining & Threatening Phone Companies
Hurricane Katrina
Post-Katrina DeBlackification of New Orleans
Gutted FDA & Tainted Foods
Stretching Military & Reserves Dangerously Thin
Global Warming Denial
Air at Ground Zero
Contempt of Congress
Cheney Face Shoot
Paid Off and Fake News Reporters
Signing Statements
Adding Critics to No-Fly List
Caging Lists, Vote Tampering
Sub-Prime Mortgages
Cheney Energy Task Force
Phone Jamming in NH
Haditha Massacre
Blackwater Killings, Misdeeds
Lead-Laced Toys
Dubai Ports Deal
Teri Schiavo
Hillbilly Armor
Medicaide Pharma-Giveaway
Bernie Kerik
Unitary Executivism
KBR Employee Gang Rape[s]
Habeas Corpus
Black Sites & Rendition
War Crimes
"Production Sharing" [readers - what's this?]
Pat Tillman [and Jessica Lynch]
Debt for Generations
Making the US a Worldwide Pariah
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it better be potent 'cause you're gonna need something strong to get you though that compendium of catastrophy.

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I found that one puzzling too and that's the only thing I could think of. Not that it got started under the Shitpile Shitwhistle, alas, but it sure got a nice rocket-fueled boost during his reign.

Speaking of Items Missed, how about the Big Shitpile? Presidents get blamed for catastrophic economic events which happen on their watches, and 6 years into an administration it's a little hard to blame Clinton for the debacle in the financial markets. Not that, I'm sure, they won't try.

Another item I don't see is the evisceration of the government workforce. Some specifics--the box about "firing government attorneys" covers one segment, but that's out of many, many, many more--and I don't know how you'd illustrate it in a box that small anyway. Maybe some angel-faced and -robed blonde with a halo over her head behind a desk with a nameplate reading "Asst. Secretary of Education" reading a copy of "Creationism Today" magazine or something.

Outsourcing at NPS is another one, maybe Smokey the Bear and a uniformed ranger walking out of frame in tears and a prison work gang with rakes and a cotton-candy dispenser coming in to replace them...well, that too would be hard to fit in. Damn the surplus of scandal anyway, besides everything else it is an insult to good art.

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The proposed Agreements for the "sharing" of Iraq's oil, part of the hydrocarbon law that is one of the "benchmarks" for progress.

Sharing as in, sharing among the Shiites, Sunni, Kurds, and more importantly, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron-Texaco, et al. This is a key goal of the hydrocarbon law.

In other words, the real reason for the war.

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why is this a "bush scandal"?
This was because of some spineless POS reporter in haditha...

Blah. Don't believe everything the media has said about haditha. I live with one of the people that was in charge on site that day, and it didn't happen like the news said. 'nuff said.