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Gender diversity on Obama's economic team


Welll, no reason to repeat that embarrassing experience with Christina Romer, her being right, and all.

And besides, Obama's entitled to work with people he feels comfortable with.

NOTE Hat tip Matt Stoller.

UPDATE To be fair, Obama has announced his intent to appoint Esther Duflo to the Global Development Council (hat tip Global Sociologist).

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Submitted by goldberry on

Unbelievable. Obama has been the worst thing to happen to women in 50 years.
Is he trying to say that out of all the women in all the universities around the world he couldn't find even one in any economics department to serve on his economics team??
And with Hillary gone and Kerry going to state, how many high profile women are left in his cabinet?
I'm really beginning to hate this country.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

Said the dickhead. Seriously? You're going to use a female denigrating genital slur to put down an instance of sexism? Way to miss the point. Try looking in the mirror.

Submitted by Hugh on

From left to right, my guesses are:

Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury
Jack Lew, Chief of Staff, former head of OMB
Rob Nabors, Director of Legislative Affairs, former assistant to Emanuel, and former Deputy Director of OMB
Gene Sperling, Director National Economic Council, had same post under Clinton
Jay Carney, Press Secretary
Dan Pfeiffer, Assistant Press Secretary
Gray-haired guy in background I can't make out
Alan Krueger, Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers
Jeffrey Zients, acting Director of OMB
Guy on the far right looks very familiar but I can't put a name to the face

It might be signficant that Jack Lew is standing next to Timmy. Most of the heavy hitters seem concentrated on the left side of the room. Wish I could remember who the guy on the far right is though.

Commerce has become a kind of joke Cabinet post. Still interesting that Labor's Hilda Solis isn't there.

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Submitted by techno on

Gender diversity? That isn't asking much. After all, there have been plenty of extreme right-wing economists who have been women in the last 25 years.

How about a little ideological diversity? Any Keynesians in the room? How about an Institutionalist or two? How about someone who is merely freaking sane and understands the economic implications of Peak Oil and climate change? How about ANYONE that would meet with disapproval by the denizens of the University of Chicago?