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Gawd, DC, get over yourself


D.C. Snow Could Be Significant
First major snow of season threatens D.C. area commutes, could deliver one to four inches.

One to four inches!! Mercy!

Although I do remember taking 3 hours to get from Crystal City to Alexandria by Metrobus because there was ice on the roads...

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Here in KC, even RAIN causes traffic jams. This morning we have way less than an inch of snow on the ground, but the morning commute was all screwed up.

Some of it is understandable - if you only get a couple of good snowfalls per season, it's not cost effective to keep crews of road workers standing by in case of snow.

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heh. i was the only one on the freeway using the 'fast' lane and going close to the speed limit. it was really pathetic. southron people have defended their inability to drive in light snow with the excuse that they never get a chance to practice. i guess there's something to be said for that. still- you'd think with all the underground trains and expensive SUVs out in the beltway area, people would panic a tad less.