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Gardening is a political act

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Cheri Honkala

When we marched from New Orleans all the way to Detroit for the US Social Forum in 2010 we were amazed that there was a community garden in every poor neighborhood that we passed through. More and more, that’s how people are feeding themselves.

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Great quote on the land, too.

What if in order to preserve the effects of private property, it needs to become collectively public?

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been essentially abandoned by the city (cost cutting) and was filled with needles, booze containers, and junk. A woman who loved to garden planted roses on land which was not city owned but was adjoining. She cleaned up the soil in the park area near to her location and planted different things, making the area usable and beautiful.

The city park people were instructed to root out the plantings, getting down to bare soil. In some kind of overenthusiastic cutting or misunderstanding, they also cut the rose busnes down to the ground. (They may come back...I didn't catch whether they were uprooted.)

The neighbors interviwed on TV were horrified and felt great personal loss. They couldn't believe it. It was their little piece of nature in the northern Manhattan.

The reporters said the city will work with private gardeners, but will, I gather, tell them what and where to plant.... They gave some number for such places where this is in effect, as if that made up for the gross attack on living plants.

Gah. How dare people think of public land as theirs?