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Gardendote of the day 2013-09-14

This is a rather small canteloupe that is so not ripe yet.

This growing season was been cold and wet, and so I started out behind the eight ball. But then I made things worse for my canteloupes, because I didn't plant them in mounds! Very stupid. Their bed has great sun, but is also under the eaves of the house, so that soil catches all the runoff from the roof, so it's wet. And clay-ey, to boot.

Canteloupes, like all cucurbits,* hate "wet feet," which is what the mounds prevent! So these canteloupes spent the month of June dithering about whether they were going to grow, or not. Finally, at least a month late, they decided too, and I may end up with half a dozen or so. And if they're like last years, they will be very sweet.

One lesson is to plant canteloupes in mounds! The larger lesson is that I've got to start rotating my crops. I've grown canteloupes in that same patch for three years, and the soil may be depleted too.

Not exactly a garden brag: This was my season for flowers.

NOTE * I am thinking of the famous movie director, George Cucurbit.

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white flies killed one melon plant and the other might get me a couple of Crenshaw before they kill it. I been harvesting tomatoes and making sauces.

I planted some flowers for Butterflies and Hummingbirds and this fall will plant some Milkweed seeds.