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Gardendote of the Day 2013-07-17

At joe6pac's request, a status report on the garden:

Daisies (annual) seeking the sun.

A marsh mallow (perennial) on the garden path.

Raspberries (bi-annual) in profusion (with, so far, very few Japanese beetles! I can't figure out whether I got lucky this year, or whether I was smart because by turning my front lawn to clover, I eliminated a place where grubs can breed).

Uh oh, looks like blight. There's a wonderful two-week period in July where you don't have to do anything. Then the pests move in.

More pests: The dreaded squash beetles. Noticed them the other day on one mound crawling about on the straw mulch, conducting massive prolonged insect orgies the way that pests do. Diatomaceous earth seems to kill them; the grit gets into their joints and chews up the chitin and then their bodies dry up. Much better than poisons! I also go around and inspect the undersides of all leaves with a strip of duct tape in hand: When I spot an egg cluster, I dab it with the sticky side, that neatly collects the eggs, and when I'm done, I throw away the tape. Occasionally, I rip a leaf, though.

Not sure why the squash bugs, a first for me in six or seven years. Possible reasons:

  • Bush varieties not vines (an accident)
  • Some purchased as flats not grown from seed
  • Did not have seafood compost this year, so soil was weaker, therefore plants weaker
  • Did not remove debris last fall

Anyhow, now I've got 'em....

So, that is a quick garden tour. I'm sure there are many with bigger and more productive patches, but I'm sure having fun in mine! I think, though, that this is turning out to be my year for flowers, and not vegetables.

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