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Gardendote of the Day 2013-04-19

Here is a better view of the blue flower than I am calling a "crocus." What is it?


Also, as I've the raspberry canes are a bit of an experiment, because I didn't cut them back. What will happen?!

And the winter flotsam is a little discouraging, because April showers should have washed it away by now. Or maybe, because I didn't rake the leaves last year as much as I usually do, the flotsam is resting on top of the leaves, instead of being absorbed into the soil. Perhaps that is a good thing! Anyhow, nothing that another layer of compost won't solve, I should think.

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Submitted by Martin Finnucane on

Yall have long winters. Our cherry and azalea blooms have already come and gone, the big oaks are getting enough leaves to cover us in shade, and the crepes myrtle are starting to bolt. And, of course, my allergies are going haywire.