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Gardendote of the Day 2013-04-14

More "green shoots," except real:


There's actually a lot going on in this photo. From the top:

1. "Crocus." Well, maybe not. But what is it?

2. "Raspberries." Successful "edible fence" protects garden from sidewalk, serves as decoy for Japanese beetles.

3. "Iris." Kindly given to me by Card Carrying Buddhist.

4. "Sheet mulch." I committed a strong "No no," stepping on the soil to get this photo. (Stepping on the soil compacts it, and that is bad.) The soil is very soft, very moist, very dark. That's down to the sheet mulch over the compost, which among other things has happily soaked up as much water as it could from snow and rain, and made worms very happy.

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