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Gardendote of the Day 2013-03-29

The glory of sheet mulch:

Sheet Mulch

I have expiated at length on the glories of sheet mulch, so I won't do it again. But readers, feel free!

NOTE But isn't that compost nice and dark?!

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Submitted by caseyOR on

plant with something. I suggested wildflowers. I've been reading about the demise of the monarch butterfly and the need for people to plant milkweed which is the plant monarchs use to lay their eggs.

Checking around the 'toobz I found this site which offers milkweed plant seeds, milkweed starts and seed packets that include different butterfly attracting flowers and grasses including milkweed. The prices are ridiculously cheap.

This might be something to check out. You could sow a packet of the mixed seeds along with some New England wildflowers. You'd help the butterflies and get more pollinators.

Submitted by lambert on

That's fantastic!

I think the wildflower packets include species that are staged so that there is continuing flowering. But I could integrate these seeds into that idea.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

Your make progress so what are going to plant? Here's a site that has some great ideas for yards and general info. The people that send Robb projects tell you how to make whatever it is they have made.
Iwas going for a bike read but ended up talking with a neighbor and he gave a dozen eggs from range chickens. Then the other day the farmer that farms the land around the house I rent gave me a case of asparagus, that’s the second case. One of the plus of living in Ag. world.