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Gardendote of the Day 2013-03-22

Reader LD writes:

I tried to get a picture of a bee. Yes, a bee. But it's too cold and early for bees to show up yet.

This picture is a statue of Guanyin, Kannon, Kuan In, Guanzizai, Avalokitesvana (and many other names...) She is the "Goddess of Mercy and Compassion." She stands at the entrance to our little postage stamp garden. She is often displayed at the door of a traditional Chinese Vegetarian restaurant.

Wikipedia has several traditional stories listed about her influence in many eastern cultures: Guanyin and the Thousand Arms, Legend of Miaoshan, Guanyin and Shancai, Guanyin and Longnü...and more. Take a look and enjoy the trip to The East today:

NOTE Lambert here: I haven't seen any bees myself, lately. But I like the idea of a postage stamp garden. A garden really doesn't have to be much bigger than a flower pot!

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