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Gardendote of the Day 2013-03-19

Just when I was ready for mud season, we get snow!

Here's another example of my #FAIL to prepare the garden for winter; I didn't cut back this massive stand of Black-Eyed Susans at all. (Because I grew up in the midwest, Black-Eyed Susans are one of my favorite flowers.) No, I just left them in situ...

The upside of my laziness and inattention, however, is that now I get to see if these Black-Eyed Susans are self-seeding. So I'm going to crumble those dead heads and let them fall. Then we'll see what happens after the snow ends, and the rain begins, and Memorial Day comes.....

NOTE I'm going to do a video a little later on how to upload pictures. I'm in an area with background noise now, and that's less than ideal.

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Good on the "how-to" video. I don't understand how to upload pictures either. So that will help, since I've got some garden pictures ready-to-upload.

Question: Don't you "crumble the flower heads" after the snow melts? Don't the seeds need to be under the snow, mixed into the warmer soil in order to sprout? (Not from snow country, so what do I know. Nature is far smarter than me.)