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Today's Cold and Dewy Garden

It was cold, early on, and the morning fog hid some of the flowers but the white blackberry flowers shone through like stars. Tiny drops of dew coated the outside of the fragrant white and pink and maroon rosa rugosas…

What's in your garden today?

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Submitted by BoGardiner on

or my southeastern heat and humidity, anyways. I'm jealous, because they would laugh at the blackspot here, and I garden organically.

In the wild, white is the theme here. The woods' edges are lined with white elderberry and wild hydrangea, the roadbanks with Shasta daisies. White crape myrtles are coming on, while smoketrees, blue hydrangeas and wild orange daylilies shake things up here and there.

Pastels rule my late-spring garden, which only shifts later to the proverbial color riot. Verbenas Sissinghurst (the most wonderful deep pink EVER) and Edith (ethereal pale lavender) hug the rocks; Rosa "The Fairy" and "Crystal Fairy" cascade over them. The fragrance is blowing me away today: gardenias, flowering tobacco, and Rosa 'William Shakespeare 2000,' (the best red rose IMO -- a classic quartered, deep rose-colored old rose drenched in perfume).

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Submitted by BoGardiner on

If so, I might include critter sights/sounds and native plant observations in my garden brags. Today for instance, catbirds are the prevailing voices in the wet thickets beside my house. It's nice, but I'm seriously bummed that the wood thrush chorus that made me buy this house has been largely stilled by neighbors converting their woods to lawn. How backasswards is that?!

At night, the sounds are now chiefly cricket frogs and crickets; pickerel frogs, American toads, Fowler's toads, green frogs and gray treefrogs have quieted down.

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please do!

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Submitted by gmoke on

I have to pick strawberries every day now in order to keep up with the crop. Today, the very first raspberries surprised me by being ripe. Yum! The currants look plump and are coloring up very nicely. I've been eating a few early just to get a taste.

Had a little gardentatsoi and roquette last night in my vegetable cous cous last night.

The beans are growing fast, the tomatoes haven't blossomed yet, and the zukes and cukes keep on growing.

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