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Furry fans hot for Republican plush toys


Make up your own jokes!

Well, I do have to quote from this joke of a Reptilican fundraising email:

Dear lambert,

Meet Max the elephant. He proudly sports his Republican colors with the official Republican National Committee logo.

Max is only available for a limited-time to our most loyal supporters like you [snicker] and is sure to be snapped up quickly. Bring Max home as a gift for your favorite Republican, child or grandchild...

Even if, or perhaps especially, if you're abusing them!

... or to display in your own office. ... A wonderful plush toy, Max will not only tug at your heart strings; he serves as a small reminder of what is at stake. In 2008 .... [blah, blah, blah]

And all for only $35...

Oh well, at leat

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Out of the adult toy store rejects- the ones with the misplaced, massive erections.

Just be careful with that axe Eugenia, it will leave lint in your hoohoo...

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but what I really want to know is how come nobody told me Denzel Washington plays b-ball for Seattle?

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I'm visiting from The Sam Seder Show blog. Thanks for the laughs.

Elephant's first name: Max
Surname: Security

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Frankly, I'm hoping for hits on this one for years to come.

And the link was to Steny Hoyer seeing the light, yes?

"Came for Steny Hoyer, stayed for the plush toys." Well...

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