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Fun with Graphs: Political Cycles

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Let's hope this graph is prophetic, even as I'm loathe to think of Hillary as a "standard bearer" for any sort of progressive movement.


Because, Mondays can't always be lacking in fun.

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Hillary is to Bush fils as Nixon was to LBJ?

Let’s hope not. Let's hope there's actually a more powerful underlying cycle that rests on economics rather than political puffery, and that regardless of which Democrat is elected the forces of a restive populace will drive the kind of transformation that enabled FDR, a privileged aristocrat changed into a populist, to enact the New Deal. After 30 years of Republican attempts at disassembly, it is past time for another great progressive move forward to occur.

Because Mondays, of all days, demand a positive mental attitude.

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This is a disconnect. This makes no sense. My graph would say Progressive/non-progressive and the graph would indicate how progressive (as I define the word Progressive), a president was as opposed to the rest of the shit-for-brains. All they had to do as president was correct a flaw in what was going wrong with our society, our culture, and the key words as the measure of progressive action is "eliminating the suffering, the elimination of abuse". If you were president and helped the people e.g., Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, LBJ, RMN, Jimmy Carter, then you get a certain amount of points. If you were President and helped the rich and greedy, e.g. Adams, McKinley, Coolidge, Reagan, Bush jr., etc. then you are on the shit end of the stick and you suck. I am stubborn. We had a progressive society that saw fit to correct the abuses; Civil rights, women's rights, workers rights, environmental rights, voters rights, protection for the vulnerable, the aged, the malnourished, the undereducated, the mentally disabled, Te presidents that truly respected the effort of the veterans who, may have been stupid or maybe coerced, but who respected them and rewarded them for trying. It's the rich fucks that don't give a shit for the rest of us that I have no respect for and it is that group that fits in the lowest category of m graph.

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which of course is valuable and worthy, but that wasn't really the point of this graph or post. it's about what is, and has been. it's about who a majority elects, not who they should elect or who we wish had been elected. this post is about relative degrees of horror and evil; JFK had many flaws but who wouldn't take him back today?

like you, most pols fall way short on my moral scoresheet. republicans are much worse these days, yet dems are hardly champions of "liberal" values either. but when you look at the election cycle itself, just in terms of the overarching narrative with respect to each party, this model is compelling. perhaps the american people really are ready to elect democrats for the next 4/5 administrations. that would be an improvement over the past few decades of republican rule.

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But, you're right. It's not about my opinion, and I do tend to get up on my high horse and get all righteous.
This graph, maybe I'm getting too old to get it, or have a limited intellect, but I don't get it. Is it about the concept of the metaphorical political pendulum that swings back and forth so that we can be assured that there will be just so much liberal influence and so much conservative influence and the the swing goes back again,and these titles are measures along the pendulum's swing? Bush JR and LBJ are overreachers? The Great Society vrs privatizing Social Security? Hillary Clinton; The progressive? This is not funny. you know what's funny?
Joke: What's 10" long, wrinkled and sits in front of an asshole?
Dick Cheney's tie?

What's Irish and sits around the swimming pool?

What did the Buddha say to the hot dog vender? never mind, you know that one.
Hey thanks for the respect, really don't get it though.

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... the guy gives him a twenty, and the Zen hot dog vendor pockets it, and starts to serve another customer.

"Hey, where's my change?"

"Change, my friend, must come from within!"

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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I have these statues of Buddha at home and one at my desk at work. (I'm looking at him right now) The statues are all of Siddhartha Gautama but when I was growing up as a kid, I was only aware of the fat, happy, Chinese Buddha. We had a friend, Richie, he was one fat little kid, half Filipino. We called him "Buddha". We would burn strobe candles and incense and he would sit naked on the floor with a loin cloth and we would all sit around him, smoke dope and invent meaningless ceremonies to perform. He would sit like a sage and wise man until something would strike us funny and then we would all be rolling around on the floor laughing till it hurt. You can bet that the fat Buddha wouldn't be looking for any change back from his hot dog order.