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Fuel bleg

We're in the midst of a very nasty cold snap -- I just moved out from my bedroom to camp out by the woodstove -- that looks to last at least a week, and at the end of the month, too. Anything anybody could kick in would be much appreciated. The PayPal buttons are to your right...


UPDATE Thank you, all (you know who you are). The furnace is now safe. Next comes the propane, due next week! (I'm trying to work in something about "The Sacred and the Propane," but I seem to be... frozen.)

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Via mail, Truth Partisan:

Other things to do to keep warm:
wear 2 or 3 layers of clothes--even 2 tee-shirts and a sweater helps;


boil water--increases moisture in air, feels warmer;


drink/eat warm food;

borrow or get a dog or cat--and you get warmer even if it's a stuffed animal or a pillow under the blanket with you;

put a rug or footstool on the floor so your feet aren't touching a cold floor;

hang curtains or some kind of material over cold windows and cover up drafts from doors;


wear a hat or a 70's bandana in the house (keeps 40% of body heat in plus groovy points--have you noticed they are starting to make some 70's era movies now?);

I'm not wearing a damn hat.

now that you are near the fire, make yourself a "smaller room" by surrounding yourself with furniture or boxes--they absorb heat and slowly emit it back out;

Thermal mass!

wear a snugglie (for the fashion alone) or blanket;

exercise (and lose weight! Forget the gym!) 500 steps=50 calories and just walking around your table will do that pretty quick;

stand up from the computer and move around every hour or more;

That's hard for me to remember to do....

shovel snow but don't overdo it;

Never a problem, not overdoing the snow shoveling, but it looks like I can't wait for rain to handle things this time; the next storm is Wednesday....

eat more;

Nope, don't want to gain the weight back.

use a water bottle (fill a jar with hot water);

think a lot and do something you are very interested in=brain burns a lot of calories=warmer (plus which you stop noticing, ha);

eat spicy food (hot sauce, pepper on anything.)

Good idea, plus spicy food helps the immune system.

There's also the old get a ride to go to church-go to the library-go to the cafe-go to the friend's house. Even town meetings if you are desperate, ha.


In Maine generally, it's supposed to be very cold all week--and they are predicting massive snow again around Wednesday...

All good ideas, for those of not in Zone 10! I think I tempted the Weather Gods in a bad way when I pointed out that all the bad stuff was going down South...

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Hand-made are the best, of course :-) but store bought aren't too bad, either.

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i just now looked up maine on, and i forgive you for making fun of us frosted flakes down here in florida.