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Fucking Democrats leave Carl Levin hanging out to dry at JP Morgan hearings

Shame, shame, shame:

I'm watching hearing into the JP Morgan scandal on CSPAN3. Carl Levin seems to be the only Senator in attendance. He seems to know what he's doing, but he really should have some help from other members of the Senate Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. John McCain was there earlier and asked one or two questions. That's it.

Cowardly vermin.

They fear the light just as much as Jippy Mo does.

NOTE Say, where was Elizabeth Warren?

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That is common when TV cameras are not present. You see the chairman and mebbe one or two other members at a hearing if there are no cameras there. The only time you have full attendance is high profile hearings that merit tv cameras. Levin is retiring, furthermore he is past the age where he would be angling for the big partnership at a lobbying firm. So Levin is ready to govern.

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Good question about Where Was Mrs. Warren.

I'd like to know as well.

I'll guess she was not busy manning that citizen phone line in her office that does not answer citizen calls.

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Is Warren even on the committee, much less the subcommittee? I'm not following the hearing closely, but this is Homeland Security/Gov. Affairs (Investigations), not Banking, right?

subcommittee members

The Democratic subcommittee members are Levin (chair), Pryor, Landrieu, McCaskill, Tester, Baldwin, Heitkamp and Carper (ex officio).

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Levin being one-strong was in stark contrast to the sizeable crews surrounding each of the witnesses. A significant picture. Which reminds one of certain bullying tactics -- you know, three against one ...