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Fuck "compromise"

Here's why:

The Washington conventional wisdom machine always defines "fairness" as a carefully calibrated point exactly between the positions of the two parties, no matter how outrageous one of the positions might be. By making ludicrous demands on Congress -- that it accept interviews with White House advisers Karl Rove, Harriet Miers and others in secret, not under oath and without transcripts -- Bush will encourage supposedly moderate voices to call for "compromises" that are really administration victories.

So, Compromise whatever's smack dab in the middle of the Overton Window, which is now determined by authoritarian framing propagated by the VRWC.

It's our job to shove the Overton Window left, not to accept things as they are--where "left", in the current other-worldly political context, means the restoration of Constitutional government (and the complete repudiation of Republican rule).

And the country's with us. The Beltway just hasn't caught up yet.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Your goal is exactly right, and I can see it happening in baby steps (e.g., a public increasingly tolerant of gay rights, increasingly sympathetic to universal health care).

But I have a hard time imagining an America where people who lean as leftward as the authoritarians lean rightward could get the time of day and even the royal treatment from the establishment, the way the Limbaughs, Coulters, Dobsons, Malkins, and John Gibsons, do.

The key to the GOP's success with Overton Windowing is that they've mainstreamed people who routinely take outlandish, fascistic positions. Could a counterbalancing loony left ever get such treatment?

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Submitted by kelley b on

Most of us qualify as such, according to the corprat main$tream.

We are the Democrat according to Dear Leader, and his minions would like to arrest us.

For what henious crimes have we committed?

We believe in no Hairy Thundering God, we choose to reason with the facts the world presents us instead.

We respect the Constitution of the United States, and believe laws should be interpreted according that document.

We believe in the Bill of Rights, and think all Americans are entitled to these rights. We also think the treaties our government enters into have the force of Law. Both of these tendencies go back to that Constitution thingie.

We respect human life, and indeed the existence of all living things in the world. That doesn't mean we are pacifists. We just think you should think carefully before you destroy something you can't restore.

All of these positions qualify us as the radical fringe according to those in power. All of those positions face real opposition from the main$tream. This alone should tell us that the main$tream e$tablishment has shut the Overton Window.

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