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Frugal Friday

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Psssst........I haven't shampooed or conditioned my hair and guess what? No one would ever guess it, not even the person who cuts my hair every 3-6 months. It initially started out as an exercise in frugality. Shampoo and conditioner are expensive and doubly so if you've got alot of hair. The detergents also made my hair oily. I read about the idea of going shampoo free on a frugality blog and then did some research on this blog.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are inexpensive alternative hair care. Additionally the site talks about essential oils or herbs but they aren't necessary. Plain ol water and apple cider vinegar does the trick once you get past the excess oil.

Double bonus: All those chemicals I used to dump in my hair are no longer going down the drain.

My next experiment is creating my own insect repellants. I'm already getting bit by bugs and it ain't even June.

Random shoutout to American company Corelle: My four piece setting I bought for $25 bucks over a year ago is going strong and I KNOW that it is lead free. Let's hear it for your durable products and the fact you haven't shipped your operations overseas.

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Submitted by twig on

I quit using shampoo a while ago. Instead I use an avocado/olive oil hand soap and rinse with apple cider vinegar -- great for detangling long hair! It might not work for everybody, but it's perfect for curly hair.

Before I forget, last week's FF was great. And your carrot recipe -- heaven!!

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Submitted by cwaltz on

every once in a while with honey and egg as a conditioner. I also use the almond oil as a skin moisturizer. The bottle I bought for $10 has lasted for practically forever. Such good stuff!

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Submitted by RedQueen on

but I only wash my hair about once a week. Once your hair adjusts to not being washed every day it's awesome. I have way more good hair days and never have to use styling product (I'm way too lazy to use product anyways)

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Submitted by cwaltz on

because I always saw my hair as "oily." My poor hair though was probably thinking "too dry, oh lord please don't wash us AGAIN!" The cheaper shampoos strip the follicles and cause the oil production ramp up that make the whole thing a vicious cycle.

Submitted by lambert on

What a great idea. After a month of wet, we had two hot sunny days, and the mosquitos were eating me raw when I was out gardening, especially in the late afternoon.

On the HTML links: It's more elegant, and it's a little art from of its own sharpens the writing technique, to integrate the links into the text, rather than dumping the URLs in the post, although as you see that will work.

It's easy. Copy a URL (the "http://...." thingie).

1. Type and then select some text (for example, I fixed the link above by typing "on this blog"

2. Click the earth+link icon at the left of the toolbar.

3. A dialog box appears, with the text you selected in the "Link text" box.

4. Paste your URL into the "Link URL" box.

5. Press OK.

You now have an HTML link that will format as you see in the post: Clickable text that takes you to a URL.

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I am woefully inadequate in some posting skills, (or, mayhaps, all of them), and that was a good little in-service.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

The greatest olfactory attraction (and that's how they hunt) for mosquitos is CO2 (carbon dioxide), emitted through respiratory exhalation, and the bigger you are the more you give. (Remember, they can travel over 10-50 Km responding to potential prey). Rid the property of ALL potential standing water sources, try not to exert youseolf during peak heat/warm weather, use Avon skin-so-soft (not proven in clinical studies, but every hunter and fisherman I know swears by it-it may have something to do with changing the lipid scent-another trigger-off human skin) In addition, I've found, anecdotally, that they dislike actively moving air, so energetic fans can possibly help. And, it's been documented that certain people just attract mosquitos, they haven't determined yet why (as a side note, they don't care for me at all, I've had a rare bite every year-I do eat B supplements every day, and I've heard that they don't care for that, again, just anecdotal).

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Submitted by cwaltz on

I tried to use the little hyperlink but somehow messed it up. Sigh.

One of the sites I visit, has an article on do it yourself repellants. The vanilla extract appears to be something that has not had success. I do bet though that some kind of essential oil in a base would work. Hmmmmmmm

Submitted by Lex on

My hair gets washed once every three weeks, when i get it cut.

But for me it's not about frugality. Washing more frequently just makes my head into a puffball.

Back when my hair was longer, women would ask me how i got my hair like it was. I don't know why, but they never seemed very satisfied with "I never wash it, nor do i comb it...just use a pick to break out the worst knots in the shower."

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Submitted by cwaltz on

I've had a beautician comment that my hair shaft looked so healthy. I guess that's what happens when you actually allow the natural oil to stay on the shaft.

Submitted by Lex on

My hairdresser knows that she's the only one who washes my hair and says that she wouldn't be able to tell if she didn't know. I look forward to my once monthly wash because it comes with a scalp massage and tingly eucalyptus shampoo.

Submitted by Lex on

They wouldn't do a thing like that. It might be time for you to reread your Rand, as your wholesome faith in the power of the free market (only for good, of course) and its representative large corporations seems to be waning.

Trust, lambert, if you don't trust them they lose their power. And if they lose their power, then America will crumble. You don't want America to crumble, do you?