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"Frontline’s 'Losing Iraq' asks what went wrong"

Well, Frontline. It's important, I think, to say and keep saying that we lost the Iraq War (and the Afghanistan war) because that delegitimates those factions of the political class that got us into those wars, i.e., almost all of them. And if we won, where are the parades? Where are the political figures claiming credit for the victory?

Yeah, yeah, Halliiburton made a shit ton of money, so did Bush's friends, the oil started being pumped, chaos ensured, mercenaries, and yadda yadda yadda. I'm not against cynicism -- or, we so many of us like to call it, "realism" -- but I don't think this particular cynical view is useful. Corporations don't wage war; states do. Corporations don't possess legitimacy; states do. Again, its important to delegitimize the warmongers who run both legacy parties and got us into Iraq and Afghanistan, and so its important to say, which is only the truth, that we lost those wars.