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And about a half-hour into a speech here, the [Obama] announced that he had to take a quick break. "Gotta blow my nose here for a second," Obama said.

Out came a Kleenex (or perhaps it was a hankie), and he wiped his nose.

The near-capacity audience at the Reunion Arena, which his campaign said totaled 17,000, broke out in a slightly awkward applause.

But here's what I want to know:

Did anybody preserve the used Kleenex as a sacred relic?

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Talk at the House of Gray was that BHO has/has had/is coming down with the Very Evil Flu that's going around. Apparently there is something called Valley Fever prevalent in that part of TX as well which makes the flu both easier to catch and worse to endure if you get it.

Ironically enough he doesn't dare call off a debate on account of illness, whereas HRC could probably get away with it. Youth and vigor, y'know...

Why they're not all half dead of everything from plague to Creeping Crud baffles me. I avoid disease by being a hermit, but their lifestyle for the last year+ is an invitation to everything contagious that ever was.

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about 3 times this winter. I assume different strains each time, with a bout of bronchitis in between.

Just saying, if we are making snotrags into holy relics, I have a TON which we can sell for indulgences... Probably 3 bog-rolls worth.

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I saw a guy on TV who had gotten an Obama tattoo...

and there's alwats this...via the awesome folks T talkleft..

this is from an Obama supporter with second thoughts..

"I’m nervous because too many Obama-philes sound like Moonies, or Hare Krishnas...These true believers “Obama-ize” everything. They speak Obama-ese. Knit for Obama. Run for Obama. Gamble - Hold ’Em Barack! - for Obama. They make Obama cakes, underwear, jewelry. They send Valentine cards reading, “I want to Barack your world!”

Even better:

Oh - I’m nervous because it’s all gone to his head and he hasn’t even won yet. I’m nervous because it’s gone to a lot of other people’s heads as well.....“He walks into a room and you want to follow him somewhere, anywhere,” says George Clooney. “I’ll do whatever he says to do,” says actress Halle Berry. “I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.”

I’m nervous because nobody’s quite sure what Obama stands for, even his supporters. (“I can’t wait to see,” said actress/activist Susan Sarandon, declaring full support nonetheless).

She even has remorse about Michelle Obama, about whom she recently wrote "a puff-piece." She ends with:

I’m nervous because John McCain says Obama’s is “an eloquent but empty call for change” and in the wee, wee hours, a nagging voice whispers, suppose McCain’s right, too? Then what"?

My prediction..shortly after he wins the nomination..this Obama fever will break..the messiah will be brought down to earth...all these "young" voters who are attending the Obama revivals will become bored..and once again, as has happened many times in the past, will not show up on election day
The right wing..will unleash all of the mud and dirt that they have in reserve and St Obama will become a common man..his halo removed by the very media that helped create him....and we will be wake up after election day to president Mccain.
We will be astonished...absolutly how we, as a party allowed this to happen. The media will do many soul-searching specials examining the irrational rise and fall of the Obama-Phenom..and wonder how the democrats could have let this happen..(ignoring completly their role in proping up and promoting the fawning and outright embarrassing coverage of st Obama).
Women will be shocked to find that womens rights have taken many steps backward..with words like "shrill".."catty" and "bitch" making their way back into the everyday dialouge. So what if a woman is upset..that happens periodically...go home babe and iron some shirts.
Of coursae..they will be appalled at these dismissive tones, convieniently forgetting that many of them had gleefully participated in the same behaviour..even promoted and condoned it...but that was different..we had to "beat the bitch".
Yes indeed..the fall will come..but it will be too late...
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The best case (assuming he does win the nomination) is that Obama's fall from grace is both soon and hard (either early enough for him to regroup and win the election, or shortly after he wins the election).

I do believe, based on his voting record, that there is a good, progressive Democrat in there. He's just succumbed to the temptation of truthiness and retrograde rhetoric as a means to an end. That he has done both is disappointing and dangerous, and it's why I don't prefer him as my candidate.

Would that he has a timely wake-up call and that he becomes the person he claims to -- and really could -- be.

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was always just a man. It was the clerics who deified him after he was gone. Like the Grand Inquisitor said - to whom shall they bow down?

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... looked just like Jesus, Mary, or JFK.

Also, I wonder if Deval Patrick used the same tissue first.