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From space, nobody can hear your upcoming AFL-CIO anti-TPP Screams (all 4 of them)

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(This diary can be viewed as a follow-up to a previous diary of mine, From Space, Nobody Can Hear Your Anti-TPP Public Screams (all 22 of them))

I listened to economist Jack Rasmus' most recent podcast, this afternoon, on anti-TPP efforts, which can be found here.

He urged people to get involved.

Investigating, I clicked on the afl-cio link. It doesn't work. (the 'F' and 'L'in AFL are transposed, for one thing). I fix the link via re-transposing, only to be prompted to log into google. (Apparently, it's to a google group.) I log in, and find that access is denied. Apparently, it's a private google group.

So, I go to the AFL-CIO's website, and look for anything about stopping Fast Track. Thankfully, there is a section on the bottom right hand side. Not a top headline (bad), but on the front page (good).

I click on the link (linked image, actually), and come to a page with a map. There are 4 events listed. Yes, 4 as in "FOUR".

Now, in fairness, this page was apparently created to focus on April 18 actions, which is now passed. So, maybe, just maybe, there were 4,000 events on April 18, and people have, ah, slacked off since then.

Considering how important this event is, I find that unlikely.

What, unfortunately, I find more likely is that the AFL-CIO leadership doesn't REALLY care that much TPP, as they have (via quick Google search) over 12 million members, and only 4 events in the whole country (even given the above caveats).

I conclude that, if anybody ever does hear anybody screaming from outer space about TPP, it'll be ole metamars, and I will be screaming more about the fake and/or anemic activism that supposedly was mustered against it.

On a slightly more positive note, one of Rasmus' link, show a map (again focused on Apr 18) with about 68 actions in the US:

Still very inadequate...

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Submitted by metamars on

Dick Morris is claiming that TPP will allow for UNRESTRICTED IMMIGRATION. This, of course, would be a financial disaster not only for American citizens, but also for illegal immigrants who are already here and will now have to compete with the surge of people who would be grateful to supplant them in their jobs.
While I don't take Dick Morris's word as gospel, it's painfully obvious to me that corporations will readily claim immigration controls as "restraint of trade". IOW, he is reinforcing my expectation about one of the most egregious aspects of TPP - one which, if activists had any brains, they'd be pushing into public consciousness (as long as the principle of unrestricted immigration remains plausible; the secrecy regarding TPP is well known...)