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From Space, Nobody Can Hear Your Anti-TPP Public Screams (all 22 of them)

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If you want to get a space-eye view of anti-TPP actions in the US, please go to . I count 22 events, and none in populated NJ.

OTOH, from a comment in the diary Gaius Publius: Tobacco Deaths, TPP and the “Trade” Courts, we read:

I am encouraged by the Japanese though. Japanese farmers there have enormous clout and are completely against the TPP. I was back in my wife’s hometown in a very rural part of Japan and there where “NO TPP” (in English) every where. My father-in-law, a retired lawyer/salaryman, calls the TPP (Baka!)

As I commented to Kevin Zeese here,

Do you know who is organizing the mobilization? There's no evidence of a public-facing mobilzation in NJ, that is publicly viewable, that I've seen. No flyers, no posters on supermarket billboards, no tables, no marches, no bumper stickers. Zero, nada, zilch, bupkis.

The only bigger potential train wrecks I see on the horizon, for US citizens as a whole, are the Ukraine/Nazi project, and the ongoing Syria/Iraq/ISS projects. The fact that the anti-TPP memes are still basically unknown, and unpublicized (by whatever means we do have available), at this late date, is depressing enough.

When I consider the contrasting situation in Japan, I'm frankly unsure as to whether I should be more depressed, or less. The Japanese can organize a public meme campaign, so you'd THINK that we could get inspired enough to imitate them. However, I'd be a liar if I expressed confidence that we actually will imitate them.....

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In my diary Kevin Zeese Optimistic About Stopping TPP Fast Track, but Shouldn't Be

I quote from another diary:

If it wasn’t for agriculture and related products being deemed by the U.S. as a “must not capitulate” area for an agreement (for some bizarre reason), a TransPacific Partnership deal with Japan would almost certainly have been done by now

Quite a coincidence, right? /s