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Friggin bots

I hate the dehumanization of "bot," preferring "fan," but if Obama 2012 wants me to reconcile myself to it, they're proceeding in exactly the right way:

This month, the Obama campaign is staging a “Grass-roots Fund-Raising Challenge,” a contest for Obama supporters who have set up fund-raising Web sites for him, with the goal of raising 20,000 contributions by the end of September.

Mr. Obama has also provided “grass-roots fund-raising tips” on his Twitter feed. “Make a hard ask,” one entry read. “Be clear [Let me be clear...] about what you want and when you need it.”

What, smearing me as a racist in 2008 wasn't "hard" enough? 2012 is going to be such fun!

Out of curiosity, is Obama's twitter feed censored?

NOTE Clue stick, Obots. How about asking us what we need? See the 12 Word Platform if you've got trouble getting clear on that.

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