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Today we get a really novel approach to explaining why we are having an economic crisis. Think Progress reports that POTUS spoke at a town hall meeting in Missouri today.

Obama then noted that the real fiscal problem facing the United States is the skyrocketing costs of Medicare and Medicaid, not the Recovery Act or bank bailouts, which he said are "one-time charges." "If we aren't careful, health care will consume so much of our budget that ultimately we won't be able to do anything else," he warned.

No wonder he thinks we shouldn't worry our little heads about bank regulation and prosecution of securities fraud. All our problems will be solved by giving away more money to murder-by-spreadsheet insurance companies and eliminating pesky government programs.

I do wonder how many TARPs, AIG and Chrysler bailouts, and stimulus packages make a one-time charge? Would that one-time charge include the money given away in 2008 or is that just ignored, like December 2008 in struggling Wall Street companies' annual reports? When will the last one-time be?

I know - the last one time will be the one just before they pass any legislation which actually might provide relief for the low-earning 98% of the population.

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had townhall meeting with MO pols and leaders as last segment tonight. Rep. William Clay of MO, Dem, seems to have his talking points down pat:

1) He said Obama has closed Gitmo. Really! And he must believe it bcz when he talked about getting out of Iraq he said Obama had given us a date by which we would be out of Iraq. So, he grasps the difference.

2) Asked as last question what they hoped Obama would accomplish in 100, 200, 300 days, a woman mayor (missed the name label) said she felt healthcare was the most important thing. Rep. Clay followed up saying that he hoped Obama would come up with "some sort" of coverage for everyone. Not exact words, but I was gobsmacked at how low he set the bar. Then he went on to how cool it would be to have all those wondrous digitized health records!! Oh, yeah. The better to track our mortality rates vs. the better health care records of our fellow industrialized economies? Sheesh.

Earlier the mayor has said that her city had put in loads of work to apply for stimulus funds, but felt they got little in return. She said they had sewer and water treatment plant plans ready to go. But they didn't get any help from the stim bill, and they can't afford to borrow at the rates the banksters are demanding. She said if the Federal gov't had come up with loan programs at low or no interest, they could be working on these plants now. She also mentioned the great legacy of FDR's New Deal public works and jobs programs which resulted in wonderful public recreation and civic constructions which are still in use.

As usual, since the NewsHour website was remodeled, no list of guests to be found on the site, just a description of the segment. Grrrrr.

Audio seems to be available now , but video seems to delayed by a day.

Obama doing his One Hundred Days! presser right now--two separate times went through the litany of things to do to avoid the flu and what to do if maybe someone catches the flu. Now talking about how much the auto workers have sacrificed.

In response to questions about whether BushCo had sanctioned torture, he danced around the direct answer. Said lots of good sounding things, but then said his greatest responsibility was to protect the security of the American people. Okaaaay, but, Mr. Prez, what about BushCo? Oh, seems they may have made some mistakes.

Dance, dance, dance.

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I've heard this is several places as an 'accomplishment' of Obama's in the 100 days. Except for one thing - it's still open, there's no date set for it to close, and they haven't figured out where to send the prisoners. Maybe some reporter can define 'closed' for me?