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The Friendly Skies Really Aren't

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No, I don't want to talk about the Cowboys. (Hello, Jerry? You're one-for-three on the "reforming" outlaws list, and Pacman Jones can't hold onto the ball any better than the big-mouthed whiniest butterfingered "wide receiver" in the NFL. You've got a coaching staff, a quarterback, a pretty good OL, a not-too-shabby -- remember the stands they made against the 'Skins and the Steelers, on the tail-end of this graceless season? -- defense, and a kicker. You're ok for next year on running backs, but you need some special teams help -- and Roy Williams will need somebody to take the heat off him in the far downfield next year. No. 81 ain't it.)

I want to talk about aircraft maintenance and how outsourcing it is putting lives at risk on major carriers, how Southwest chose not to follow this trend because it was already having static with its BFF the FAA, and the shameful way controllers are being treated in this country. I'll never be able to afford live tickets to a Cowboys game, but sometimes you have to ride airplanes to get from point A to point B on time.

Make no mistake about it. The anti-union frenzy Reagan started is alive and well and unless

we the people say and behave in direct opposition to it Obama won't change a thing about this assault on the middle class, and the benefits of having a healthy one to our economy and our safety.

Oh, of course a reduction in plane travel would be good for the planet. But cheap labor -- and depending on cheap as the first and foremost criterion for all things -- has already proven hazardous in everything from kids' toys to pet foods. Why would we want the airlines to escape detection on this particular 'cost-saving' measure, which puts us all at risk?

What, you don't fly? Ok. Look up. Listen. Check out the NATCA map. One of those damn things can fall on your head, if it breaks up in midair because it wasn't properly maintained. Still think you haven't got a stake in this?

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